Ninja Burger PBP Episode 23 - 11/20/06


Dice roll summary:
Whutaguy/Skipito (Deliverator): 26 = 8
Arvo/Toru (Driver): 36 = 9
Zipdrive/Kitaro (Chef): 30 = 9
Lorthyne/Bozuko (Spotter): 22 = 4
Wroe/Rin (Navigator): 05 = 11

Confronted with the Pirate Pizza delivery pirate, Kitaro crouches down into a defensive posture and radios the rest of the team. Despite his bad pun, everyone gets the message. Suddenly, the Dispatcher shouts "Behind you!" in Kitaro's ear only (temporarily switching to one-to-one communication), and Kitaro barely rolls to the side as a second Pirate Pizza delivery pirate slams a piping hot pizza into the wall, right where Kitaro's head was a moment ago. It's hard to tell if the Pirates have stolen the delivery target or not -- being pirates, their faces are twisted by gnarrrly snarrrrls. The first Pirate sets down his pizzas and raises his wrench, while the second one pulls out a pizza cutter.

Behind the first pirate, Kitaro sees a door open, and a ninja-like figure emerges. Skipito has not yet been spotted by the pirates. At this angle, he sees only one pirate, standing with his back to the hall, looking down the stairs. He sets down some pizzas and raises a wrench in the air.

Meanwhile, outside, Bozuko attempts to maintain the crowd's attention, but despite his best efforts (4 + 4 - 2 = 6) the crowd loses interest and begins to wander away. As the crowd parts, Bozuko clearly sees another Pirate Pizza delivery pirate heading straight for him, carrying a half dozen round pizza sheets which have no doubt had the edges sharpened to razor-sharp sharpness. He snarls and hurls one straight for Bozuko's head.

The crowd thinks this is part of the show, and they stop to pay attention, thinking that things are going to get interesting now, especially when Rin's fireworks go off.

Back at the van, Rin and Toru pile back inside and prepare to get the team evac'd as soon as the delivery is made by Skipito. They each get into their respective doors and sit down, and Rin begins to pull up maps.

"Nice job team," announces Toru to nobody in particular.

"Thanks," says nobody. Rin and Toru turn around and see that the back of the van is occupied by two more Pirate Pizza delivery pirates. One has his hand wrapped around a bunch of wires that were previously behind a computer panel.

"Now how about you two walk the plank," says the Pirate on the left.

The Pirate on the right smiles and yanks, hard. Sparks fly, and the last thing you hear from the Dispatcher is


Bozuko leans waaaaay back, appearing as though he is planning to dodge the pizza sheet like unto Neo from "The Matrix". However, right as the pizza sheet passes above him, Bozo places his hands on the ground and swings his legs up, aiming to change the route of the whirling pizza sheet of death. Not only does Bozuko strike up a freakin' awesome handstand, but (assuming all goes well), he will complete the back-handspring and grab for the pizza sheet. After a moment's pause to remedy dizzyness, Bozuko plans to fling the pizza sheet back at the Projectile Pirate.

Average [+0] Ninja
Expert [+4] at Chucking Things

Bozo's matter of honor also comes into play, "I will always use weapons of opportuinity"


[ooc] I haven't said this an about 15 years[/ooc]
"Boot to the head". Skipito deliver a powerful strike to the least useful portion of a Pizza Pirate that hopefully results in the baddy doing a gnarly faceplant in the vicinity or Kitaro.
Then Skipito whips out his cell (Corporate Lackey +2) and dials the land line for dispatch.

"This is making it somewhat difficult to find the customer."

"I think that you might have spoken to soon Toru-son." In a flash Rin throws the open maps that she has in her hands into and over the heads of the pirates (Drunken Mapster+4) temporarily staling them. In the moment she has to act she does a very ninja like dive over their heads to get to the kitchen to find something to fight with. With hands full of sharp utensils that she can't even guess the names of she rushes at them from behind.

[OOC] Nice one Aeon, I lolled at the pirates appearing in the van [/OOC]

Toru turns the key to start the van, turns on all the lights and sirens, and thrusts the gearstick into reverse. He silently prays that the pirates haven't done anything to the engine.

Assuming the van starts, Toru calls out in Japanese, "Hold on to something Rin!" Toru is planning to knock the pirates over by suddenly lurching the van backwards, then screeching to a halt [Stunt Driver +4].

If Murphy's law is still in effect, and the van doesn't start, Toru will grab some tools (preferably heavy ones, which make good weapons), and dash outside to check out the engine [Mechanic +2], remaining on guard for more pirate attacks. Toru trusts in Rin's Drunken Mapstery to take care of the pirates in the van.

Kitaro continues his roll to lie flat on his belly, his lower legs sticking between those of the pirate behind him, and his hands near the wrench-wielding goon in front.

He then twists to his back, entangling the rear pirate's legs and fropping him to his knees. At the same time, he grabs one of the pizza boxes Front Pirate set down. The ninja-cook then sits up and rolls forward to head-butt Rear Pirate, while using the stolen pizza to shield himself from the cutter.