The campaign continues


Hey, I just thought I'd continue reporting on my fledgling GMing experiences (i.e. my campaign), but then I thought... will anyone read it?

So, is anyone interested in reading this abbreviated campaign blog/advice asking thing, or am I just wearing down my keyboard?
All answers welcome.

Absolutely! I am always interested in reading other GMs experiences...which begs another question be asked; would anyone find a campaign log (from anyones campaign, not necessarily just me or zip) intersting to read on a regular basis? I write gratuitously detailed summaries of every session I run, so it wouldn't be hard to put it into a format that made more sense to an outside reader.

I know I'd like to hear what happens at everyones table...anyone else?

I'm interested in reading it, although I probably won't post. You know that they say you learn from experience, which doesn't necessarily mean it has to be your own. Lets try it.

ok then, I'll keep it up for you two :)

Yes Zip and SF, I'm interested to read your journals.

For anyone who can be bothered - links to some journals from my own Greyhawk-based campaign. I started keeping these journals in March this year.

Quest for the Hanging Glacier
A completed adventure. This was the first journal I started so it cuts in about a quarter of the way through the adventure though the prologue explains what has gone before.

The Caves of Chaos
Another one that cuts in partway through the adventure, as this storyline had been put on hold since October last year and we restarted it a couple of months back. This one is a work in progress and they haven't completed the adventure (and it's back on hold for the moment).

A new adventure that's just started (someone else refereeing for a while to give me a break!). Just the intro written so far.

Yeah LG, I'd love to read those. What are the links?

The underlined titles in the above post are the links!

I'm interested to see what other people have to say about them. My players seem to enjoy reading them, because they are a nice follow-up on the sessions. They also let players catch up on stuff they missed if they have to skip a session anytime (Though if more than one player can't make a session we reschedule). Also, I can give a little extra emphasis to plot details that they didn't quite pick up on during gameplay.

However, I'm only too well aware that they might be tiresome reading to someone who isn't a participant.

BTW - I didn't mean to hijack your thread Zip!

I also apologize for the hijack...LG, there aren't any underlined titles...sorry man. LOL.


Firstly, the original links worked fine for me too.
Secondly, you will all be hanged for thread kidnapping !

just joking :)

or AM I?

I'd like to chip in a ditto of Scott Free's comments, as I enjoy the perspective of others' experiences (free time and PC-performance willing of course).

If you're looking for some specific feedback please don't hesitate to ask. There are a lot of things to adjust to in one shot -- character and villain names, geographic names, relationships, histories, plot and so forth.

Personal filters are a challenge too, witness the poll to the right where, as of this post, 38% voted to Cast "Magic Missle" upon spotting an elf. So when they hit Ice Elves in your story some are thinking "cool" while others are thinking "To Arms!".

I know, when you read someone else's campaign journal there can be a lot to take in especially in a campaign that's been running for 10+ years.

PC performance? You mean server performance, maybe. Fogonline is hosted on a rather underpowered server I think. I don't own the site, by the way.

Just to seal my fate - have posted an update to 'Pussyfooting':

No blindfold please, zip.

Sorry for the lateness of my post, zipdrive, but I'd also be very interested in reading your adventures. Stuff like that pulls me in like a donut shop does an off-duty cop. Looking forward to it!

ok, guys... I'll get right on it when I get back home.

I'll think of some punishment to all you thread-nappers... something CREATIVE

I'm with blindfold, but I'd like a smoke before my execution please.