Ninja Burger PBP Episode 25 - 12/05/06 "Day of the Ninja" Edition


Dice roll summary:
Whutaguy/Skipito (Deliverator): 04 = 10
Arvo/Toru (Driver): 16 = 7
Zipdrive/Kitaro (Chef): 03 = 9
Lorthyne/Bozuko (Spotter): 33 = 6
Wroe/Rin (Navigator): 13 = 4

Poor [-2] Sense of Decency
Good [+2] Pirate Pizza Employee
Expert [+4] Carjacking

Poor [-2] Fashion Sense
Expert [+4] Escaping At the Last Minute
Master [+6] Pirate Captain

In the van...

The pirates did not, in fact, drop the wires, and when they hit, Rin is able to easily grasp the wires and begins to tie up one of the pirates (4 +2 Computers = 6). Not a great roll, but that doesn't indicate failure -- just lack of completion. The pirate could easily shake the wires off if you stop there, or you can continue to wrestle and tie and maybe get him hogtied if you come up with a creative way to do so.

Toru sets the handbrake and releases the seat at the same time, a rather complex maneuver under the circumstances which he almost pulls off. Almost. He does indeed get the brake set, and flips the seat lever, sending him tumbling into the back [+2 Acting Ninja] amidst the tangle of pirates and wires. However, in the process, his foot kicks the hand brake again, and...

[OOC] Let's all flash back a moment here, to

"Toru guns the engine before the airbag light has had a chance to go out, before he knows where he's going, before, even, anyone gets their seatbelts on. He manages to get the van up the ramp and onto the road [roll of 4 + Stunt Driver of 2 = 6), but in so doing the van gains some air, scrapes the top of the tunnel, and then hits the road and bottoms out. Something that looks and sounds important clunks around and falls off."

What nobody noticed at the time was that the bottoming-out part also had an effect, and that becomes clear now...

...the brake dislodges and slips loose, and the van begins to roll backwards, right towards the delivery location. People begin to scurry in all directions, including...

Bozo, who, as he mumbles "Ninja Spotter en route, Skipito-san. Hang in there," pauses for a moment to grab a garbage can and rummage through it (6 + Finding Use for Garbage +2 = 8). Inside are a bunch of beer bottles, some soiled napkins, and a few unidentifiable lumps of something that you don't want to know what it is. Also there is a large deer antler, apparently broken off from something mounted over a fireplace somewhere. 8 points worth.

Meanwhile, upstairs...

Skipito mocks the Captain. "...The phrase you want is more like 'I be havin' the customer hither' or some such twaddle."

"Arrrrrrrr," says the Pirate Captain. "Ye be right. I'll..."

Btu Skipito continues to stall.

"I, 'Skipito Friskito, Deliverator of Legend,' will follow with your traditions and challenge you to a duel with swords. Will you kindly step away from the customer? Stupid splatters."

"Arrrrrrrr ye about finished?" says the Pirate Captain as Skipito draws his Ninja-to. "Good. Now, I'll be makin' ye a deal. Ye fights me and wins, and I'll let yer precious customer go and ye can complete yer order."

He pauses for a moment and surveys the situation.

"Arrrrrrr, two on two. Not hardly fair. Let's even the odds." With a wave of the Captain's hooked hand, the other pirate in the hallway dodges down the stairs past Kitaro and disappears into the gloom.

"There, now ye gots a chance, arrrrr." he says. He shoves the customer to the floor and flourishes his cutlass.

Kitaro stands and pulls out some shuriken.

"Skipito, I got your back," he says.

Both of you get a really strange vibe about this whole thing. It doesn't seem very piratelike to give you a numerical advantage.

How big of an antler are we talking here? 32 point? Or eight, just to match the humor and my dice roll?

Bozo snatches up two of the beer bottles and the antler and continues running toward the building in question. Placing the dryer (more dry?) of the two bottles within some secret pocket in his ninja clothing, he readjusts the items so that the antler is held in his right hand while the other bottle is clutched around the neck, barroom brawl-style. Hopefully Bozo can avoid sloshing booze all over his freshly-pressed ninja suit.

Bozuko intends to make a dramatic and intimidating entrance, smashing the bottom end of the bottle on a nearby suitable object and calling on the first pirate he can find.

"Try some of my grog, pirate scum!"

-2 Standing Out
+2 Finding Use For Garbage
Matter of Honor

day of the ninja?

Ignoring the fact that the van is rolling backwards, Toru springs to the attack. In the slightly limited space of the rear van, he attempts to launch a flurry of blows [OOC]Oops, wrong game[/OOC] upon the nearest pirate. Issuing a series of short, sharp punches to the stomach and face [Ninja +0], Toru screams a series of blood-curdling random syllables at a pitch and decibel level greater than a cat in a blender.


December 5.... That's today!

[ooc]Here's one for the highlight reel, or the X-ray films[/ooc]

Skipito significantly telegraphs that he will be attempting a leg sweep and drops to a splits and spins. One foot for the sweep and the other hooking the order and launching it past the (hopefully) leaping pirate captain toward the customer.

[ooc] the food pass is the desired action, the sweep is to make the pirate leap, allowing the food shot and providing Kitaro with plenty of target. [/ooc]

Ninja +0
Deliverator +2

Kitaro, seeing Skipito's move, starts running up a side wall.
His intentions are: If the pirate does jump over the sweep, He'll launch himself from the wall to tackle the pirate and bring him down.
If the pirate stays on foot, or someone else appears, Kitaro will grab some wall or cieling fixture with one hand, and launch his shuriken at the best target (most likely the pirate captain) with the other.

Rin, being a fighter of oportunity, takes the .2 second long window of oportunity that Toru gave her when he jumped back and madly started hitting everything in the back half of the van. She rips a couple more of the free hanging wires away from the wall and computer to finish dealing with her pirate as Toru mercilessly beats the other pirate senseless. "Toru-san I know this is probably a bad time, but who exactly is driving?"

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Corneal abrasion.