Which Star Wars Character Do You Role-Play?


It's been said that everything has already been written, that every movie has been made, that all everyone can do now is recycle old plots and characters. I don't know whether or not this is true for the rest of the entertainment world, but it's certainly true when it comes to the world of role-playing. Everyone thinks they're a Star Wars character...

There are dozens of characters found in the first Star Wars trilogy, but of them all there are a distinct core whom everyone recognizes. Obviously, you recognize them because you've heard of them before in relation to Star Wars, but it's also likely that you recognize them because you game with them.

The Good

Luke Skywalker - The player emulating Luke is often playing a Paladin or Ranger, usually young, typically Lawful Good or something similar. They're on a noble quest to save something or other. They usually insist that they own a sword or shield that was handed down from their grandfather. They're of noble birth or lineage, even though they may not know it. They usually try to lead the party but are drowned out by louder types. They don't want you to kill the kobolds you tied up in the corner, because it would be wrong. They whine a lot.

Leia Skywalker - Whether male or female, the character who's taking after Leia is also taking after the Luke type, in some respects. While not as annoyingly lawful or goody-goody as the Luke, the typically Neutral Good Leia type is also a force to be reckoned with (at least in their own mind), and will often try to lead the party from the back while the Luke takes all the arrows at the front. They're usually smart-mouthed and witty, because they can afford to be. Like Leia, this usually gets them into trouble, and they typically need to be rescued from the center of a swarm of orcs, which they insisted on charging into.

Obi-Wan Kenobi - The Obi-Wan character can be seen in lots of places. Much like Merlin or Gandalf, he's typically older, wiser and of a magical persuasion (either a cleric or a magic-user of some sort). Often Chaotic Good or a similar alignment, the Obi-Wan might take a different name (Ben) or travel in disguise (hooded cloak), and has mysterious origins that he will be reluctant to reveal to other players (strange desert caves, etc.) He's the seer, the advice-giver, the mapmaker, and because he's usually staying out of the thick of things, he'll wind up being the one who actually leads the party. Because he's smartest and most capable, he'll probably be the first one to die.

The Neutral

Lando Calrissian - The Lando character typically presents himself as rich, suave and capable. Sometimes he's a prince or a merchant, but in all cases, he's familiar with ordering others around. Despite this fact, the often Lawful Neutral Lando is not often the leader of the party, and he's usually shoved towards the center and used as needed. Sometimes he's a cleric and a healer, pulled out to handle problems when the first healer has died. Other times, his charismatic self is brought to the front when the party needs a bard to cheer up the rioting crowd, or a fast-talking thief to "negotiate" with the angry guards. Despite the fact that he abides by the law, he'll find a way within that law to support himself above and beyond the needs of the party, even if it means betraying them from time to time.

Chewbacca - Barbarians and many fighters often play the Chewbacca type, happy to wander around smashing things while occasionally eliciting a grunt or groan when they get hurt, and need the cleric. Whether Half-orc, Dwarf or otherwise, the Chewbacca type is often one of the first to break the rules and speak with others in the party without using Common, thus making others question their allegiances. In truth, the often True Neutral Chewbacca type is mostly interested in themselves, and gaining wealth, experience and strength for them and their friends. They get along quite well with Landos and Hans, for obvious reasons. They're also quite happy around beasts and animals, which is why many Druids and Rangers are also Chewbaccas.

Han Solo - The Han Solo type is quite common, usually found among thieves, bards and rangers and some of the more flashy spellcasters. They think they own the world, and they're ready to prove it to anyone who doubts them. They're gamblers and rogues, not necessarily always getting into trouble but always right in the middle of the action. Because of their un-thievely habits of charging into the midst of the fray, they're often killed or injured in battles they probably should have stayed out of. Many times, the often Chaotic Neutral Han will attack or steal something just to show off, or from boredom (or because they were trying to charm a Leia type, whom they get along with very well).

The Evil

Darth Vader - Darth Vaders are fairly common in experienced adventuring parties, usually found amongst players who've tired of playing Chewbaccas and are more interested in directly seeking their own fortunes, even at the expense of fellow party members. While they're easily kept in check, the Darth types will occasionally get out of hand, especially if powerful magics are involved. You can bet that if there's a magical sword or piece of armor lying around, the Darth is not going to let anyone else in the party get their hands on it. The typically Lawful Evil Darth types don't get along well with Leias, because they're so domineering and will gradually take over leadership of any party they're a part of, but they're respected (if feared) by Lukes, Obis and Landos, because all three of those respect the Darth's power and capability.

Boba Fett - Boba Fett types are found in almost all adventuring parties at one time or another. They're always for sale to the highest bidder, and they don't need any stinkin' role-playing to justify their trip into the dungeon. They expect to be paid well for their trouble, before, during and after the adventure, and if they don't like it then they'll take a little extra when you're not looking. They're typically dressed in all assortment of armor and weapons, gathered from the constant stream of adventures they've gone on. They don't get along well with Hans at all, primarily because Hans tend to feel that the Bobas are taking all the cool stuff, and not leaving any for the rogues to take for themselves. Needless to say, the Boba type is typically Neutral Evil.

Emperor Palpatine - Once in a while you'll find a Chaotic Evil Palpatine type in the party, and if he's not killed off he'll quickly find a way to decimate the party, sometimes intentionally. Like Palpatine himself (and the Dragonlance character of Raistlin), the Palpatine is concerned only with gaining power for himself, at the expense of others. If other characters are happy to be his underlings, he's happy to feed them little bits of power as well, but if they get too powerful or manage to nab a piece of magical equipment that he wants, watch out. They're usually spellcasters, and often necromancers, surrounded by an army of undead which allows them to stand back and cast death spells while you wade your way through their summoned army. There is never more than one Palpatine in a party, because they will inevitably try to kill one another right off the bat.

The Rest

Yoda - The Yoda is what you get when a Luke, Leia or Obi-Wan gets more powerful. They realize they're stuck being good all the time, and they realize they're powerful enough to run the party any way they want to. This combination of power, and yet an inability to seize power, typically causes them to shrink towards the back of the party, guiding silently from the rear. They'll cast spells without saying anything, solve puzzles and deactivate traps without telling anyone, knowing that they control the destiny of the party without wanting to reveal it. They're usually the ones passing notes to the Dungeon Master about what they're doing, and they tend to vanish from time to time.

C-3PO - The C-3PO is what you get when a Lando, Chewbacca or a Han gets more powerful. Like those others, they're primarily concerned with their own well-being, but rather than remain quietly in the back ranks, they're noisier and pushier, always wanting to be involved in the negotiations, or the divying up of treasure. When battle comes around, they'll usually flee to the back, or "guard the rear," even if they're more capable than others, but when the battle is done they'll be right up at the front ready for their share of the pie. They're usually harmless, and typically get torn limb from limb by a Darth or a Boba over some dispute over treasure.

R2-D2 - The R2-D2 is, believe it or not, what you get when a Darth, Boba or Palpatine gets more powerful. Like the little robot in the Star Wars films, the R2-D2 is much more powerful and important than he'll let on. The R2-D2 knows that if he reveals his power (or his battle plans to the Death Star), he'll be torn limb from limb. In fact, when he does step up into battle, he gets blasted apart and has to be brought back from the dead. Much better to quietly lurk in the background, manipulating events and assisting the party to further his own needs. Then, when the time is right, he can take control. But will the time ever be right? Because he relies on silence, the R2-D2 will often use a C-3PO as a patsy, getting the more vocal character to relay his thoughts and ideas to the party; this adds a layer of obfuscation, allowing the R2 to escape blame if the C-3PO suggests something that brings doom upon the party.

No, it's not always the case, but role-players almost always adopt a type based upon one of the core Star Wars characters. This is not to say that they sit down and consciously say "Hmm, I think I'm going to play Chewbacca today." But inevitably, they're going to fall into a type, and those types are well-represented by the main cast of Star Wars.

So, which one are you?

I think I'm usually a Boba Fett type - lots of magic items, wandering around killing stuff for more money and items. Like on Diablo Multiplayer.

My last character was a non-Jedi yoda. Small, annoying, liked to take things that look like fun to eat or play with, always getting someone else to do the heavy work while he rides around on their back and very difficult to understand.

Basically all of Yoda's bad points with none of the power or wisdom.

Really, I rarely see much of any of those character types, except maybe the occasional Chewbacca or Boba fett (my fave). Then again, your descriptions go from fairly detailed to anything could fit. I feel like I've been given a psychic reading :-)

Perhaps you have it backwards, people aren't playing star wars characters, they are playing common fantasy or even Jungian archetypes, and the starwars characters tend to be poorly written (in favor of the sweeping granduer of the whole shebang) so are merely archetypes themelves, with a few background bits to fill 'em out a bit.

I've always thought of myself as a Han Solo, but reading your account, I'm forced to admit that I'm an R2D2.

Oh well, despite the fact that some people think girls always wanna play cutesy good guy characters I'm am sooooo a Boba Fett..(and not just because I think he's sexy even with all that Mandalorian armour on! ). So yeah....I'm a bad chick. Don't you love it?

if im anything im a bobo sheena character. . . don't know what that is? well you'll just have to figure it out on your own.

I'd have to say I'm a Luke. My main Aberrant character is actually called Hippocrates, and he's a healer w/ gravity manipulation. I have a hard time *not* playing The Healer / Voice of Reason... In-character, those traits of me come out, while my bitterness and apathy don't have need to show themselves.

i could really relate to the third ugnaught tossing threepio's head around and pissing off Chewie. I don't know where he fits into all this stuff but I think he wasn't given a big enough part.

I can relate to the first ugnaught that was tossing C3PO's head around, his performance (even though it was short) moved me and gave me new understanding of throwing droid heads around in fun....I agree they did'nt get enough screen time.

When I play the Star Wars Role Playing Game, I like to create a character with massive attributes in one category. My first character was a wookie who died on a land-speeder because someone said "No, you don't need to use a force point, you can make that corner while firing your blaster." My next character was an insectoid bounty-hunter who's race was mostly anhilated by the empire, and who specialized in demolitions. His untimely end was to have his dead carcas thrown off a moving freighter onto an Empire-owned harbor, with each of his 4 thermal detonators set up for timed destruct. Really, there is a Star Wars role playing game, and it does not use the same "Chaotic/Lawfull Good/Neutral/Evil" modifiers, and the force does not consist of spells! Come on folx, lets fight the militairy/industrial death-star!

I just knew that R2-D2 was evil! He's really the one manipulating things behind the scenes. The emperor was just a toy. That's why he's survived so long. It all makes sense now.

I most relate to Han Solo.

All, or none of the above depending on my mood. I mean, they are all archetypes, so I can get into them all, isn't that the point of roleplaying? Exploring what it's like to be anything that isn't yourself.

The new Star Wars movie rocks!

I've been reading the articles and some comments all night, but I really laughed at all these, because so many of them, if you REALLY look at the other players around you, are SO dead on - whether people play SW characters in RPGs or whether SW used rpg type archetypes - its semantics - the point is the same, though I'm not clear on the R2-D2 thing - I'm putting that down as either a joke or I-can't-think-of-anything-else.

I play a LOT of different character types, even tried females now and then, and CAN play intellectuals, diplomats, healers, also warriors, could play rogues but they never interested me.

My last character in Warhammer was a halfling pit-fighter (who died) - he still sort of fit into my standard style, which I thought I didn't have, but I think I'm probably a Luke, as I stay in the background, but am able to role-play, be a diplomat or healer if needed, and provide interesting set-ups for the referee. Currently, as I am attempting to make the other players role-play more, I function as more of a Lando, though I could easily be a Luke if I were interested. As a Real Role-Player, always have backgrounds and quirks so I pretty much take up the slack for what everyone else is never interested in taking.

My other most favorite character to play is probably Nemesis, a Chewbacca for those times when you have zero interest in doing anything more challenging than picking which Orc to attack and rolling dice (plus, me playing limited characters necessitates the other players to role-play more, hopefully) - his Toughness was so high he could dive out of third story windows on people (ala pro wrestling) and get to his feet, having taken little if no damage. He was a munchkin in the most severe way but I made sure to keep him and his bulletproof abilities in reserve for when the other players needed it - I repeatedly refused to take plot hooks and diffuse dangers until someone else in the party decided to.

Probably one of my best-played characters, though not necessarily my favorite, was a Necromancer, who ran around and interacted with the party and was on the city council, no less, and who always wore the most garish, foppish and loudest clothing he could - his alignment was Evil, though that really is playable as a severe form of selfish (neutral), but I was able to play him in such a way, correctly, that no one ever suspected I was either Evil OR a Necromancer (even though I owned a mortuary home) - right under the players' noses, I had gravediggers and was amassing treasures (some stolen from the players) and yet they all trusted me with high-level information - although Emperor Palpatine was eventually to be his most likely manifestation, he was played best as a slightly more personable Dr. Smith from Lost In Space.

Currently, again to encourage more role-playing from other players, I may very well be playing another Chewbacca/Brick type, a Good Ogre Labourer who simply wants to try to fit in and find a family, and speaks only in broken sentences read to him as a child by his late foster father, a human woodsman - this will make the character inarguably worthless for anything but grunt work and troll-bashing, leaving the other players to come up with plans and interact with NPCs all on their own, which they generally do not do.

Im queen amidala .I help people and I don't give up

A Twilek; nothing beats twitching headtails :-p


I play a female wookie who wears dresses and is very vain, she is a nanny for a 14yr old orphan girl who is a bounty hunter. She loves shopping and fancy hair things as well as a good bloody fight once in a while. I'm eccentric! :D

I submit the ones I use in writing.
1. Rat lizard monkeys: These guys have a sick sense of humor. They laugh about every damn thing, and act weird. They're usually bards, or have bard's blood in their ancestry. They make great comic relief.
2. Jabba da Butt: The fat-cat. The Aristocrat. The rich financier who sits on his arse. He pulls all the real strings. He usually has a cane and a small army of stupid or well paid beings. They dress well, if they wear closing.
3. The Droids: These guys are mindless automotons. Or, you have the occasional 'freed slave' with an Iq of rather low or they become something brilliant, like R2-d2.
4. Jawas, ewoks, etc.: These are cute little guys that no one suspsects. Sometimes they fight incredibly well and take the enemy by surprise. Other times, they are brilliant, and followed well. They do tend to get smashed in combat, however.

Hm...I'm a Luke over half the time, though I tend to be a Leia and an Obi when I'm feeling like it. I tend to be the "Goody-goody" who complains way to much or offers advice when people don't really need it (or should I say want it).

Hmm...may I state my character although it does not appear in your list? I've only roleplayed as Grand Admiral Thrawn (in flesh or spirit) in the Star Wars genre. Cold, calculating, and cunning, yet refined, if you will. Yes, I am aware that he is, well, not quite living...but that's where creative license comes in. (And no, not Film.)