National Games Week Members Name the Top 100 Games of 2006


When polled for their top three favorite games, NGW Members gave hundreds... and at their events of course played thousands, at 7,483 events this year. We hereby present you with the top 100, for National Games Week 2006, as named by the Members themselves. Your favorites can be in on the list for 2007- join, for free, at

The Top 100 Games of 2006

(as chosen by National Games Week Members)

1 Settlers of Catan, Mayfair Games
2 Dungeons & Dragons, Wizards of the Coast
3 Magic the Gathering, Wizards of the Coast
4 Carcassonne, Rio Grande Games
5 Puerto Rico, Rio Grande Games
6 Ticket to Ride, Days of Wonder
7 Heroclix, WizKids Games Inc.
8 Power Grid, Rio Grande Games
9 Mechwarrior, WizKids Games Inc.
10 Star Wars Miniatures, Wizards of the Coast

11 Pirates of the Spanish Main, WizKids Games Inc.
12 Axis & Allies, Wizards of the Coast
13 Pokémon TCG, Pokémon USA
14 Monopoly, Parker Brothers
15 Risk, Parker Brothers
16 HeroScape, Hasbro
17 Memoir '44, Days of Wonder
18 Munchkin, Steve Jackson Games
19 Scrabble, Hasbro, Mattel, others

20 Caylus, Rio Grande Games
21 Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot, Playroom Entertainment
22 Apples to Apples, Out of the Box
23 Robo Rally, Wizards of the Coast
24 Warhammer 40,000, Games Workshop
25 Tigris & Euphrates, Mayfair Games
26 Age of Steam, Winsome Games
27 El Grande, Rio Grande Games
28 Blokus, Educational Insights
29 Ra, Rio Grande Games

30 Railroad Tycoon the Board Game, Eagle Games
31 Alhambra, Rio Grande Games
32 Warmachine, Privateer Press
33 Bohnanza, Rio Grande Games
34 Fluxx, Looney Labs
35 Arkham Horror, Fantasy Flight Games
36 Bang!, Mayfair Games
37 Shadows Over Camelot, Days of Wonder
38 Twilight Imperium, Fantasy Flight Games
39 World of Warcraft TCG, Upper Deck Entertainment

40 Dreamblade, Wizards of the Coast
41 Versus System, Upper Deck Entertainment
42 Warhammer, Games Workshop
43 Poker
44 Lost Cities, Rio Grande Games
45 Zombies!!!, Twilight Creations
46 Chess
47 Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures, Wizards of the Coast
48 Yu-Gi-Oh TCG, Upper Deck Entertainment
49 Advanced Civilization, Avalon Hill

50 Call of Cthulhu RPG, Chaosium
51 Trivial Pursuit, Milton Bradley
52 Descent: Journeys in the Dark, Fantasy Flight Games
53 HorrorClix, WizKids Games Inc.
54 San Juan, Rio Grande Games
55 Vampire: The Requiem, White Wolf Publishing
56 Acquire, Avalon Hill/Wizards of the Coast
57 Cosmic Encounter, Avalon Hill
58 War of the Ring, Fantasy Flight Games
59 Formula De, Asmodee Editions

60 Princes of Florence, Rio Grande Games
61 BattleTech, Fantasy Productions
62 Bloodbowl, Games Workshop
63 Samurai, Rio Grande Games
64 Tikal, Rio Grande Games
65 GURPS, Steve Jackson Games
66 Runebound, Fantasy Flight Games
67 Betrayal at House on the Hill, Avalon Hill/Wizards of the Coast
68 Citadels, Fantasy Flight Games
69 Rummy, Ravensburger, Pressman Toy

70 Tsuro, WizKids Games Inc.
71 Goa, Rio Grande Games
72 Ingenious, Fantasy Flight Games
73 Legend of the Five Rings CCG, Alderac Entertainment Group
74 Shadowrun, Fantasy Productions
75 Taj Mahal, Rio Grande Games
76 Tichu, Rio Grande Games
77 Ticket to Ride Europe, Days of Wonder
78 Advanced Squad Leader, Avalon Hill
79 Mage Knight, WizKids Games Inc.

80 Werewolf: The Forsaken, White Wolf Publishing
81 Blue Moon City, Fantasy Flight Games
82 Cranium, Cranium
83 Empire Builder, Mayfair Games
84 GO, Ravensburger and others
85 Lord of the Rings TCG, Decipher
86 Modern Art, Mayfair Games
87 Talisman, Games Workshop
88 Game of Thrones RPG, White Wolf Publishing
89 Rifts, Palladium Publishing

90 Attika, Rio Grande Games
91 Clue, Hasbro
92 Euphrates & Tigris, Rio Grande Games
93 Through the Desert, Fantasy Flight Games
94 Axis & Allies Miniatures, Wizards of the Coast
95 Bridge
96 Diplomacy, Avalon Hill
97 Duel of Ages, Venatic Games
98 History of the World, Avalon Hill
99 Risk 2210, Wizards of the Coast
100 Torres, Rio Grande Games

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Interesting. I own about a quarter of these (counting a deck of cards sufficient for poker, and 2 decks appropriate for bridge) and have played about half of them.

The inclusion of Monopoly on the list strikes me as odd, but presents the idea that the voting was quite popular among the competitive traditional boardgames groups such as scrabble and bridge. I'm certain this also helped to pull in poker, clue and chess (among others).

what's NGW? (yes, I'm too lazy to google it)

Zip: you could just cut and paste from the header. It's a plan to promote non-gambline gaming to the public. Its primarily an effort for retailers and manufacturers.

I've played 15 of the games on this list and own...hmm, maybe 3.

I was surprised to see Call of Cthulu beat Vampire and Werewolf. Not that I play either of those games, but I thought they'd have placed higher on the list simply based on sales.

and "pirates of the spanish main" rated higher than munchkin?

This list is perfect for helping my buy new games especially if i'm getting a board game for someone as a gift, the list and the site lets me know whats popular. I was surprised to see poker and chess on there but not backgammon, but as for poker i'm not sure you can consider it a board game.

Woohoo! Carcassonne 4th!

Killer Bunnies should be higher!