Bucket of Holding, 2001-06-19


Sack Armies Trainer Sets Available Online, Dominion Rules 2.0 Available, tons of Wingnut Games and Troll Lord Games news (including free downloads), a new game from ClockWorks, a new discount game magazine, and the lovable text based Skotos.net - all making headlines in today's Bucket Of Holding.

Sack Armies Trainer Sets Available Online, Dominion Rules 2.0 Available, tons of Wingnut Games and Troll Lord Games news (including free downloads), a new game from ClockWorks, a new discount game magazine, and the lovable text based Skotos.net - all making headlines in today's Bucket Of Holding.

Sack Armies Trainer Sets Available Online

Tyranny Games and Precedence Studios announce the availability of basic Trainer sets for their soon to be released new tabletop wargame Sack Armies: Expeditionary Force. These Trainer sets are available on www.sackarmies.com and www.eternity.com in Adobe Acrobat format. Player should note that the tokens provided in the Trainer set are oversized versions.

Sack Armies: Expeditionary Force is tabletop wargame set in a fantasy world where rival Generals create armies to explore a newly opened continent known as the Tangle. Players become Generals and choose their armies from diverse races including the haughty Fey Court, the resilient human Empire, the brutal Scourge Orcs, the dark Nether Sisters, and the reptilian Shazari. After mixing in powerful Magic and Maneuvers to form an army, Generals face off using the unique Two Flip? game system and Virtual Battleground? setup. Sack Armies: Expeditionary Force consists of 120 individual collectible game tokens. These hexagonal game tokens feature original fantasy artwork. Expeditionary Force will be sold in Army Packs (containing 42 tokens and a limited edition Sack) at a retail price of $13.99 and Reinforcement Packs (containing 18 tokens) at a retail price of $4.95.

More information can be found at http://www.sackarmies.com/.

Dominion Rules 2.0 Now Available

Dominion Games renewed its acclaimed Dominion Rules fantasy system with the publication of two new rule books, the Dominion Rules Digest and The Armoury. With the publication of these two works, and the scheduled release of other rule books this summer, Dominion Rules reaches version 2.0.

The Digest is a core rulebook of DR 2.0: a 90-page guide to the basics of Dominion Rules, including Combat, Priestcraft, Witchcraft, Character Creation and more. The rules are explained in clear, readable prose illustrated by dozens of examples from actual game play. The Digest also includes an exhaustive Table of Contents and seven Example Characters, for easy of reference.

The Armoury is the first of four DR 2.0 Supplements to be published by Dominion Games. The Armoury is a collection of weapons, armour, and rules for using them in DR game-play and replaces the old Armoury rules of DR 1.0 with a much-expanded and improved collection of weapons and armour. Descriptions have been added of every item of weaponry and armour, as have rules on weapon specialisation and crafted and enchanted items.

Grab both at http://www.dominiongames.com/.

Wingnut Games News

The RPGA has approved and officially sanctioned the first Battle Cattle live action scenario. "Let Loose the Sheep of War" (by Don Bingle and Tom Prusa) will be available for all RPGA-related conventions, but will be making its debut at BENCON June 7th to June 10th in Aurora, Colorado. www.bengames.org.

The Complete Caveman�s Club Book is a 64 page, perfect bound, full four color cover LAND OF OG expansion and sourcebook that requires the LAND OF OG core book to play. Don�t be �Strong Caveman�, be �Impressively Strong Caveman�. Don�t be �Grunting Caveman�, be �Oooh Grunting Caveman�. This supplement expands the Land of Og by providing specialty caveman kits, source material on cavemen interaction, a sample adventure and caveman life in the big cities. Don�t leave your cave without it!

Hold on to your hooves! Battle Cattle, the hilarious game of cow-to-cow combat, is now a card game. Produced by Steve Jackson Games under license from Wingnut Games, BATTLE CATTLE: THE CARD GAME gives you all the udder destruction of America's finest beefsteak going at it horns and tongues, in a fun and quick-to-learn card game format. BATTLE CATTLE: THE CARD GAME is a standalone card game, but it is completely compatible with Car Wars: The Card Game too! Combine the two games, and you can take your souped-up hot rod out to the pasture and go gunning

For more information on the above and more, check out http://www.wingnutgames.com/.

Troll Lord Games Unveils New Website and More

Troll Lord Games has updated its website, www.trolllord.com, and added a number of new features. New sections of the website include Retail Support, Free Stuff, and Message Boards.

Following quickly after the web site revision, Troll Lord Games announced an agreement with Gary Gygax, co-creator of Original Dungeons & Dragons, to publish a series of hardcover fantasy roleplaying sourcebooks under the d20 System and Open Gaming Licenses. The targeted release date for the initial 175+ page book in the series is November 1, 2001.

Tentatively titled The Canting Crew, the first book in the series is the definitive guide to the underworld in a fantasy, quasi-medieval city. The book will be valuable to players and DMs alike. It will contain rules and ideas that players can incorporate into their roguish characters, including prestige classes, feats, skills, equipment, and a comprehensive guide to cant and signing. DMs will discover invaluable source material regarding the criminal underclass, and details on a fantasy city populated by them.

The latest issue of The Seeker, Troll Lord Games� company magazine, is now available for free. Copies may be obtained in two formats: printed or pdf. All interested trolls should simply email seeker@trolllord.com and request a copy in the format they prefer, or download the issue from www.trolllord.com. Troll Lord Games will cover all mailing costs for those wanting a printed issue. Subscriptions for future issues are also free.

Visit the Troll Lord Games website at http://www.trollords.com/.

New Game CHOSEN By Clockworks

Clockworks is pleased to unveil CHOSEN, a combination of high-tech science fiction and ancient mythology centering around what happens when legends come to life in our future.

Throughout history Beasts and Wizards have battled over the fate of humanity. Now it is 2500 and the battle has begun again. Each side draws upon the Gifted, those humans with special psionic gifts -- the Wizards recruit them, and the Beasts actually possess them, Choosing individual Gifted to become their avatars. And you play the Gifted. Will you be Chosen?

More information about this 288 page hardcover is at http://www.clockworkgames.com/.

Grandpa Barmo's Discount Game Magazine

Announcing the forthcoming Grampa Barmo's Discount Game Magazine, a fan-created zine dedicated to the wide world of wonderful cheap games. Grampa Barmo's Discount Game Magazine will focus exclusively on games that cost U.S. $10.00 or less. This includes role-playing, card and board games as well as computer games; anything could be covered as long as the full retail value is under ten dollars or the game is legally free. Our mission is to encourage interest in these often overlooked games, many of which deserve at least as much attention as those which are more expensive and more widely renowned.

The debut issue of Grampa Barmo's Discount Game Magazine features an engaging history of cheap games in Italy by Italian game mogul Andrea Angiolino and a discussion of the revolutionary new piecepack idea by James Kyle. It also includes twelve add-in cards for Deep7's recently-released Snake-Oil, two puzzles, a nifty new chess variant, news on the industry and game reviews galore! The magazine costs U.S. $3.00 for one issue or U.S. $10.00 for a subscription of four issues. The magazine has been sent to the printers and will be available very, very shortly!

For more information about submitting or subscribing, visit http://www.netaxs.com/~katz/grampa/barmo.htm.

The Eternal City Joins Skotos

Worlds Apart Productions and Skotos Tech are pleased to announce a partnership in which Skotos Tech will publish Worlds Apart's acclaimed text-based online virtual world game, The Eternal City (TEC). Effective June 1, 2001, The Eternal City is now a member of the Skotos community of text-based online games and is available at http://www.skotos.net/games/eternal-city/.

Midlight, the fantasy world of The Eternal City, is based on ancient Republican Rome. Players can assume the roles of Patricians, Legionaries, Gladiators, Constables, Thieves, and Priests, as well as many other colorful character types.

"The Eternal City is a terrific addition to the Skotos community," says Christopher Allen, President & CEO of Skotos Tech. "It's a great adventure game with a loyal community. It's also one of the very few text-based games of its size with a strong role-playing environment. This and its rich and evocative background fit perfectly with the Skotos philosophy. At the same time it offers unique opportunities for players to excel in a variety of ways, including rising to positions of power within the gameworld."