Ninja Burger PBP Episode 27 - 01/02/07


Dice roll summary:
Whutaguy/Skipito (Deliverator): 25 = 7
Arvo/Toru (Driver): 15 = 6
Zipdrive/Kitaro (Chef): 18 = 5
Lorthyne/Bozuko (Spotter): 23 = 5
Wroe/Rin (Navigator): 41 = 5

DELIVERY PIRATES: 42 = 6 (using the timestamp from my last post)
Poor [-2] Sense of Decency
Good [+2] Pirate Pizza Employee
Expert [+4] Carjacking

Happy New Year.

Toru rolls suddenly and manages to get back into the Driver's seat and (6 + 2 Stunt Driver) manages to start it and bring it back under control, although the rear wheels do end up on the curb. As he maneuvers, Rin leaps at the pirate (5 +2 Surprise Upshift + 2 Ninja Description Upshift = 9) and cracks him in the nose, causing 3 ranks of damage.

Poor [-2] Sense of Decency
Good [+2] Pirate Pizza Employee --> Average [0] --> Poor [-2]
Expert [+4] Carjacking --> Good [+2]

He snarls, upset that now he's going to need a nose patch in addition to his eye patch, and leaps in the front to try and jack the van (6 +2 Pirate = 8) vs Toru's (6 + 2 Stunt Driver = 8). There's a bit of a stalemate as they wrestle for control of the steering wheel, but Toru has home field advantage, and the Pirate gives up and jumps out of the passenger door.

Up in the delivery location...

Kitaro invites Skipito to take a flying leap out a window, and Skipito happily obliges (Impulse Control -2). He's been beaten and stabbed and parts of him resemble ground chuck, but the delivery must be rescued. Doing so without bringing the entire fire escape crashing down is pretty difficult (Difficulty 12) but luckily Kitaro is helping out, so we'll say that for the purposes of this little gymnastic feat they can combine their rolls (7 + 5 = 12) to just barely manage to pluck the food off the crumbling fire escape without anyone dying.

Fully occupied in assisting Skipito, Kitaro doesn't do a good job spotting the client, but luckily Bozuko is there to take a look as well (5 +2 Spotter = 7). He thinks he spots the guy at the far end of the hall, wisely hiding behind a ficus.

Just then, he gets through to Dispatch.

"Dispatch, what's our time like?"

Dispatch responds: "10 seconds left."

Unless you completely botch your "rolls" this is a piece of cake. However...

Dispatch continues: "The bigger problem is you've got multiple incoming. Police, Fire... probably Feds. You've got like 30 seconds to amscray or you're going to be pinned down tighter than a dead Monarch. And I don't mean a king."

Posting for timestamp purposes.

Bozuko points out the location of the customer to Kitaro and Skipito. Assuming that they will take care of this fellow's every gastrointestinal need, he heads down stairs. Remembering the pirate he had pinned to the wall in his previous escapade, he asks (still over the phone):

"Dispatch, d'ya think that pirate is worth the trouble of bringing back to HQ? Think he knows anything....heheh... useful?"

If the Ninja Burger team has the time, and the pirate is worth the effort, Bozo will haul him back to the van by his large hooped earring. However, if it will jepordize the secrecy of Ninja Burger or the team, the scruffy pirate will be left for the feds to nab.

aeon, is an entry like that ok? Or would you rather have me ask the question first and wait for an answer before determining my action?

"skipito, you go deliver that" says Kitaro while pulling him in, handily failing to mention how close he was to dropping his fellow ninja out the window.

He then takes a look outside said window to see where the law people are coming from relative to himself and the van.

Does the NB team need to handle the monetary transaction and/or get tipped?

Skipito limps over to the customer. "Sir, please stop trying to hide behind that plant. We are trained to hide and you are only embarassing yourself. Thank you for your business." and hands him the food.

"Well done Toru-san. Now lets get this show on the road before the circus comes." Rin climbs into the front seat, closes the door after the pirate and once again begins to sort everything out. After pulling out several more maps and laying them out she begins to look for the rest of the party to see how far away they are and how long it will take them to reach the van. Seeing no one in sight and the colapsed fire escape she begins to murmur under her breath.

Dispatch says to bring him in. It's better than the cops getting him. They'd ask questions.

It's fine

As it has already been written, so let it be done.

"Arigato Rin. One kind word can warm three winter months," begins Toru as he backs the van up to a position near where the fire escape has collapsed, wincing as he twists around to get a better view.

"But it was you who won this fight. Now, can you find a button to pop the lid on this baby, so the guys can jump in and we can get out of here ASAP?"

Will update soon. Life is interfering. Sorry.

Sorry, missed that question before.

No, the customer pays in advance via credit card. No cash needs to change hands.

And tips are dishonorable.