Bucket of Holding, 2001-07-02


Welcome to another edition of the Bucket Of Holding, where we disseminate all the press junk that has filtered through our boxes over the past couple of weeks. Is this collection useful to you as a gamer? Let us know if you want us to continue.

Welcome to another edition of the Bucket Of Holding, where we disseminate all the press junk that has filtered through our boxes over the past couple of weeks. Is this collection useful to you as a gamer? Let us know if you want us to continue.

OtherWorldly Exhaltations

Part two of the three volume introductory adventure for the world of Diomin has been selling like hotcakes. Into the Darkness, the latest release from OtherWorld Creations, Inc. has sold half of its print run in the first month of availability. Part three, "Acceptance of Fate" will be released in August.

Downloadable RUNE Boardgame

The team at OgreCave.com has emerged from battling Loki's minions, and announced the triumphant completion of their Rune RPG feature. Two contrasting viewpoints on Atlas Games' Rune RPG are presented, including a playtest review by Sven the Ogre. A quick treatise on Viking leisure activities will show you the Norsemen really knew how to enjoy themselves. Finally, the feature concludes with a FREE downloadable board game that was once played by the Vikings themselves!

New D20 Website Appears

Anubium today announced the official web-launch of their online d20 company. Specializing in generic Fantasy d20 products, Anubium will offer various resources for the d20 game on their site, including gaming articles, fiction, and of course, d20 game material. Products will consist of PDF downloads, thus allowing for both exceptional quality and exceptional prices. On average, Anubium game products will contain 36 pages of material and sell for $5.00. All d20 product will be independent of a game milieu and can easily be used with a gamemaster's existing campaign.

Ninja Burger RPG Released

From 9th Level Games, and aethereal FORGE, LLC comes Ninja Burger: The Role-Playing Game, available in a handy ninja pocket-sized 8.5" by 5.25" format, featuring ancestral clans, ninja magic, ninja weapons, the ninja unspeakable disgrace chart, plenty of ninja enemies and even a sample adventure, 'Delivery to Fodtekken,'" said Michael Fiegel of aethereal FORGE. "It's got everything you need to get started playing in under 5 minutes, aside from a few dice, a few friends, and your choice of refreshment."

The two companies will share resources in continuing development and marketing of the game, based on the popular Ninja Burger concept and website (www.ninjaburger.com). Ninja Burger, a satiric look at a fictional fast food delivery service run entirely by ninjas, was launched last July, and since then has gained a large cult following and widespread acclaim. Thousands of visitors have checked out the site's ninja menu, placed orders for their friends, and filled out job applications; although it purports to be, none of it is actually real, and that, of course, is the true appeal.

The "Ninja Burger RPG" is available online at http://ninjaburger.com/rpg/.

New D20 Magazine Premiering at Origins/GenCon

United Playtest, Inc. is publishing a national retail magazine to support the D20 game system and it's manufacturers. The first issue of our 64 page quarterly publication is scheduled for release in December, 2001. We will have 25,000 copies of the Gaming Frontiers Free Preview available at this year's Origins convention and Gen Con Game Fair. You can find them at the free tables located near registration. It contains original content from Atlas games, Privateer Press and Mystic Eye Games as well as excerpts of upcoming product from Fiend Games and Troll Lord Games.

We would also like to announce the launch of our website located at www.unitedplaytest.com/gamingfrontiers. This site will provide full support of the print magazine. News of upcoming issues, D20 product reviews, D20 links and original Open Game content in the form of new prestige classes, adventures, feats, skills, etc. are just some of the things you can look forward to when you log on.

Car Wars Comes Roaring Back!

With three new products at the top of the October release schedule, Steve Jackson Games has kicked off a new era for Car Wars, one of their best-selling games ever. The classic game of car combat is now bigger, faster, deadlier, and easier to play. The new Car Wars features a triple-sized scale -- car counters are 3" long. "The upscaling is just one feature," designer Phil Reed said. "We went back to the original Car Wars as our starting point, and left out a lot of the additional complications that came later. It's easier to learn and play, and loads of fun."

The first product in the Car Wars relaunch will be Car Wars: The Card Game, an August release. The card game provides the first peek at the new graphic look of Car Wars, a look that will continue throughout the entire line. For more information, contact Scott Haring (scott@sjgames.com) or Phil Reed (phil@sjgames.com) at (512) 447-7866.

So, is this stuff useful to you as a gamer? Do you care seeing a collected version like the above, or would you rather just run around to the other gaming sites and read it as it happens? Let us know whether we should continue this sort of posting.

I think this is a good format. AnotherUniverse.com used to publish "Daily Buzz" like this every day but if you can't find enough to do every day then every week is good too. Plus letting people comment on these is good too.

I'm all for seeing a bucket of PR like this every week or so.

This is the first time I've dropped by, but the Bucket is a great idea you should keep :)