Week off


I will be in Las Vegas for a game convention until next Friday, so there will be no major site updates.

Please send me some more content and ideas in the meantime.


I think you have a good start for ideas (RPG goodies give-aways, etc.). I'd like to see those things focused at encouraging site participation. Even if it is just a Best Post / Suggestion of the Week or an anonymous shoutbox confessional (screened of course).

The most active area seems to be the Ninja Burger series so that is something on which to focus and experiment.

Some ideas are percolating for the plugs addition too but they'll have to wait until the cruel Taskmasters are distracted. They've been relentless for the last few week's time.

* Edit *
I would also very much like to see collaborative efforts encouraged and supported. Adventures, games, stories. Things that have a future beyond a one-shot post.

yay for colaboration!

I've posted a call for creators at the post liked below, please drop me a message.