Impressions Announces Free RPG Day


Impressions Advertising & Marketing announced today the launch of Free RPG Day for gamers across the country. The in-store event will be celebrated Saturday, June 23rd.

Impressions, working with hobby game retailers and RPG publishers, will bring new RPG Quickstart Rules and Adventure Modules to the hands of gamers. Consumers will get their hands on brand new material for a variety of overstock, retail-priced or dead product will be given away.

"The goal is to get consumers inspired to play a new RPG, which could in turn, create sales through a consumers local brick-and-mortar retailer. We already have commits from Goodman Games, White Wolf, Chessex and others." said Aldo Ghiozzi, owner of Impressions.

"We are very much in support of this", said Ed Evans, owner of All Things Fun in West Berlin, NJ. Evans continued, "I welcome old and new customers alike to make a day of it in my store!"

The only thing gamers need to do is find a participating retailer (as they sign up) at

About Impressions Advertising & Marketing

Impressions handles the distributor sales and shipping for nearly 50 hobby game companies to over 40 distributors worldwide, while also being the publishers of GameBuyer Magazine, the only monthly business-to-business publication 100% devoted to the hobby game retailer. More information about Impressions can be found at

The link is askew.


I'm a public relations professional and a long time role-player (for decades). I've been through this news release a few times, and I'm still confused about what this event is about, who is throwing it, and what's being given out.

Impressions is introduced as an advertising and marketing company in the opener, but their gaming cred is saved for a boiler plate, if you get that far. But they are also a distributor? Huh? What does an advertising company have to do with gaming or shipping??? Am I missing why its status as an advertising company relates to the event?

I've never heard of RPG Quickstart Rules and Adventure Modules. It isn't explained. Are they some kind of truncated rule system for a variety of games (which ones?), or is RPG Quickstart Rules etc intended to be a brand name on its own? What kind of "material" is being given away - it's specific in what it isn't . I see there are committments from White Wolf - committments to provide what?

Quickstart rules are exactly that, Rules to start role-playing quickly. The rules are usually stripped down versions of the mainline product. Gurps Lite for example. Adventure Modules are prepackaged adventures. This event is not a single company promotion, but more of an increase hobby/brand awareness type gimmick.
Retailers pay a fee to have product (to give away on this day) shipped to them. Their benefit is that people coming into their store will (hopefully) come back for more.
Publishers provide a quantity of product (and some cash) to be given away. Their benefit is brand exposure. People who receive their product (and like it) will look for more products from that company. White Wolf has agreed to provide 1000 copies of "Changeling: The Lost" quick-start rules
Impressions is handling the logistics and pocket the difference between publisher and retailer cash input and shipping/handling costs.

A free rpg day is the coolest idea ever. This will help get the genre known and for the ones that already loves it, it's a great time to have some fun. On the same subject, for those who like pc games, if found this cool archive for free rpg games. Hopefuly i will be able to be part of the free rpg day next year, i didnt know about the event in 2007. Thanks for the info!