Call of the Demiurge


Dearest Gamegreneians,

I am looking for creators interested in contributing to collaborative projects. My apologies for the alliteration, it just worked out that way.

The basic premise is to organize a group of interested people to cooperate on creating game contents for publication, such as RPG adventure modules, among other things. The initial group doesn't need to be large, but a somewhat 'vocal' bunch, meaning willing to post a reply here, would be reassuring at first. The break-in group would create opportunities for others to follow. If you know a likely candidate please pass along the word.

If you've ever thought of optimizing your time and efforts by collaborating with others, please let me help you make the dream a reality. I know we could do great things together.

Please add a rely below and let me know your thoughts, hopes and concerns.

I'm always willing to give my opinion. Shutting me up is another story.

I do have my usual concerns regarding genre, long-term vision, and arbitration. That is, do you have a publisher or will we be shopping it around when we are done? How are disputed between collaborators resolved? Or will this more of a ghyll style project?

In any event, I'm willing to contribute.

I'm up for it. I don't have the rich Gamegrene history that some of you do, but you can look past that, right? Guys? Where are you going?

Many thanks for the early replies. They give me confidence to expand on the proposal.

The idea is based on synergism with more than just each other but also the existing structure at aethereal FORGE. This includes advantages of certain publishing capabilities and connections however I don't have a For-Hire job lined up to offer. Shopping around, self-publishing and/or show-piece (again with the alliteration, sorry) are all possibilities for the first thing(s) completed while we learn to work together ... or not.

My proposal is for a "Capcom-style" of encapsulated projects. Please note that I haven't worked for Capcom so the descriptive information is second or third hand. In any case each project is its own entity. A project leader would be responsible for driving his / her project. Both contributors and the project manager are free to determine their own course, but each project manager has final say for that particular project.

Except ... the aethereal FORGE site is in a macro-management position for all projects going on under their roof. This is particularly helpful in the (way) off chance of the fame, glory and/or sales, which, when mixed with human beings, can be quite unpredictable.

So, for example, I may be project leader on one project, level-designer on the next, sketch-artist on the one after that (better hope that isn't your project, heh). Rotation is the idea but there are no rules. We either get along and create stuff together or we don't.

The emergent (and much more likely) benefits include being able to display things in a portfolio or on a resume and providing the communities here and there with the rewards of our efforts, which I hope will be many.

As I'm a Jonny-Come-Lately, I have no qualms if you signed up yesterday or have been a Gamegrenian forever. I wanted this to be very positive thing for the community.

Well, okay then, I think I get the idea. How do we proceed from here?

I'm slowly getting used to the aeForge site, so you can find posts over there from here on out. One-a-day is my usual pace.

There is a private message system there so email and other information can be exchanged in the future without resorting to email-scrubber code-wording. I don't know what the prospects for private forums or other content-sharing features are but we'll get it sorted out as we go along. I suspect the first run-through will be a big learning experience for everyone.

If email exchanges or private group areas is a problem there are services like and various download services available.

I would like to get something completed this calendar year. There is lots of time left but the clock is ticking and there are more people than myself with a good idea awaiting a team.

So ... all I can gather so far is a new site is too much a barrier or my plan sucks. Or both. Please contribute to my edification here and let me know what is unappealing.

The idea is a low-impact plan, but not down to a no-impact level. As I have other distractions I completely understand the requirement of time. The pace may be a little slower than those "raring to go" but I am moving forward.

I think things will pick up next week for you. This is Easter weekend. Lots of people are taking time off the Interweb. I know I will be.

I'm there, finally. I haven't posted yet as it's a bit much to digest and make a meaningful contribution, since basically I have no idea where to start.

I sent you a PM on that forum once I got set up, but I realize now that I gave you the wrong name. I'm not jemiller226 here as I thought I was.

I'll send you another PM just in case you don't see this.

I'll give it a look...promise :)

I was waiting on you zip! >;-D

... as well as some others but I won't be a pain about it. Join in when / if you can.

I can't help you with this, but I wish you the best of luck.

Your encouragement is viable help in itself, my thanks Dfaran.

It isn't anything that will happen quickly, and many things are bound to change along the way. But I suspect there is a direct ratio between how frustrating and difficult it is and how high and passionate my expectations are, so I'm keeping the hopes grounded and cool.

Sounds interesting. Hmmm...

Hopefully I can get something rolling to show this is more than just another pipedream. The goal is this year, alongside some other things Uncle Aeon has cooking. Stay tuned!