Blood of the Dragon


Join the Quest! Nox Arcana invites listeners to enter a mythical realm of fantasy with Blood of the Dragon, an epic sword-and-sorcery soundscape that beckons listeners to set out upon an ancient quest through dark kingdoms ruled by wizards and warriors and to battle alongside barbarian hordes, elven mages and knights of legend.

The music on Blood of the Dragon ranges from medieval minstrel ballads on acoustic guitars and flutes to powerfully orchestrated instrumental pieces accompanied by chanting choirs. The haunting and majestic themes evoke forgotten realms, from the stormy Celtic highlands to ancient Egyptian temples, from mystical towering citadels to the Stygian depths of the Underworld. Blood of the Dragon conveys a musical story along the lines of classic movie soundtracks like Conan, The 13th Warrior, and The Lord of the Rings.

The story revolves around a legendary quest for an ancient prize known as the Treasure of the Four Crowns. The quest actually exists and clues are hidden throughout the cd and booklet, which is also filled with stunning fantasy artwork by Joseph Vargo and contains several paintings of dragons, warriors, and exotic enchantresses. According to arcane lore, the treasure was gathered by the kings of the four ancient realms and hidden deep in the earth long ago. The treasure yet lies buried, awaiting anyone clever enough or bold enough to discover it.

Composers Joseph Vargo and William Piotrowski have once again set the bar for creative and compelling soundscapes with detailed storylines that cannot be found anywhere else. They have set an unprecedented work ethic by releasing seven full-length albums since their debut in December of 2003. Each Nox Arcana cd offers a distinctive, haunting theme and accompanying storyline, with music that ranges from medieval and mystical to haunting and nightmarish.

In addition to great music, the band's website also features the Arcanum, an online library of entertaining information about their favorite subjects, such as sinister carnival attractions, Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos, Vlad Tepes the real Dracula, angels and ghostly knights, as well as the investigation and dark history of a haunted Victorian mansion known as Darklore Manor.

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