Elfwood Down Due to... Death Threats?


Elfwood (www.elfwood.com) claims to be the largest Science Fiction and Fantasy art and fiction site in the entire world. They claim to have over 125 thousand pictures and 10 thousand stories online. They claim one of the most dedicated fan followings around, consisting of gamers, fanfic writers and budding artists. Since June 26th, they can also claim to be totally offline.

Elfwood, accessible via a whole slew of domain names (elfwood.com, elfwood.lysator.liu.se, etc.) apparently was taken down on June 26th after someone posted a death threat in the comments section of an artist's personal page. Yes, a death threat, if you can believe that.

Thomas F Abrahamsson, the site's founder, has thus far been unreachable via email. Given that, here's what we've been able to gather thus far on our own:

Someone accused another artist of a copyright violation, basically saying that they had copied the work of another person and passed it off as their own. In dealing with this issue the ERB (Elfwood Review Board) removed not only the piece(s) accused of being in copyright violation, but other pieces which contained "some modern elements, and some fan art."

All of which is no big deal, except after this happened, the Elfwood message boards and email servers were inundated with a slew of nasty messages accusing the ERB of being Nazi-ish in their actions. Among the messages which bounced around were several death threats, including one creative post from someone named "Assassin" who "threatened to throw gasoline on the ERB crew and burn them alive." This, in addition to "ALL kinds of misinformation and conspiracy theories."

In response to these messages, the decision was made to shut down the site entirely, and it remains down as of this posting.

Whether or not the actions taken in response to the threats is warranted, extreme or otherwise, I can't say, not knowing the specifics of the situation. But personally, I would guess that there are other problems brewing at Elfwood -- you don't shut a site down for over two weeks to clean up some nasty messages.

The site remains accessible, albeit only with the same explanatory splash page, although email is bouncing and apparently offline (at least in part). The police have apparently been called in to deal with the death threats, and the ERB is undergoing some sort of re-evaluation and re-configuration. And in response to all of this, the site's founder has gone some way towards justifying his actions by saying, bluntly, "Some have compared Elfwood with a democracy - but it is not: We are NOT a new geocities, and you cannot post whatever you want at our site - sorry."

All of which is true, but what he's failing to grasp is that a site that claims to be the home of tens of thousands of artists and writers can't suddenly evict them all, sans notice, and expect them to be waiting at his door when he opens it back up. Some further explanation or action is necessary, and soon, or "the largest Science Fiction and Fantasy art and fiction site in the entire world" is going to be nothing but a graveyard for amateur art and fiction.

Anyone have any further insights into what the hell is going on at Elfwood?

According to the site this morning, they are planning to bring it back, although no specific date is given.

There is more background info on the site at www.elfwood.com

I would like to thank the RPG community online for supporting Elfwood...it would have been a shame to lose such a website to stupidity.

Elfwood is back up.

Hmm, it seems to be down now. Anyone have any news?

Yeah, I've tried thousands of times, but the site just won't work. It was down for ages- was that when all the scandal happened. I didn't even hear about it till now. Now, I'm getting worried. Does everyone still have their sites? Are they going to bring Elfwood back? Please answer me!

Elfwood is having hardware problems, which explains the ups and downs. It seems to be down more than it is up, though...

At least it's back...somewhat.

Seems to be more on the down side for a lot longer lately. Personally speaking I think it's time for the Elfwood/ERB to become more like a true jury group and now with all the restructuring would be a good time to do it. Elfwood needs a breath of fresh air and a new set of criteira (besides just being able to post some images and fill out some forms) for application and acceptance. Requiring all artists to pass a jury process is also a better representation of operating as a professional artist in the real world...that's assuming of course that everyone's goal at Elfwood is to become a professional artist.

Good grief I give up dinking around with this could ANYone give alternate sites to view and post artwork?

I think it's kind of depressing that they would shut down an entire site (ecspecialy one THAT big) due to death threats. If you used common sense you wouldn't take these threats seriously and would obviously get rid of the people who made them. There must be more to this whole thing than we think, because while death threats are not to be taken too lightly, this whole thing has been blown out or proportion. Probably largely due to the fact that so many talented artists use elfwood, they will open the site back up, but I know I haven't been able to get to it, and I find it disturbing that it would remain shut down for this long. I guess now our only hope is to find another site, or even make an attempt at an entirely new site for artists to post their drawings in the meantime. But I agree with the article, do they really expect all those artists to be waiting at the door when they open it back up? It's udderly ridiculous. I think they need to get their act together and open up the site again, me and all my friends love that site and we can't get to it.

Is Elfwood dead? I haven't been able to access it for about a week or so. Has anyone heard?

It seems like Elfwood is down for the count, as much as that sucks

Is there proof(confirm) Elfwood dead? Any other alternate sites like it?

Be happy people, Elfwood is back. No search engine but its back in all its artist glory, Thomas said that he was working on the search engine though ... 'K I'm off to get Elfwood unblocked from my school's site filter.

Why don't we do a file scan??, find the user Assassin, upload into his computer, track threw his fire wall, fry his data base sheild, and then disk scan all his file's, and profiles information onto our computers. that way we know his name,location, and well pretty much every thing about him, or just get proper authority to do the whole scan on the name of Assassin, couse a death threat to any one is BS and they should never have to take that crap in the first place. if it were me i'd hack em up onto my computer and fry his main fram, but my computer mod hacks arent that Strong so i can only do the simple things.

This is probably kinda late, but Elfwood has been back up for ages.

hopes that all will be resolved..elfwood was one of my most fave sites to visit an i passed it on to several who loved it as well...cant wait for it to come back...if there is anyway..anyway possible to view things please let me know...thank -you

I like elfwood and is a bad ass site. but what the hell is up with all the hate there?

if everyone sees when the original article was posted, you'll plainly notice that this happened well over a year ago...everything is fine now.

elfwood was good it sucks

Well, I can't seem to get into elfwood when I was able to before, is this " death threat" still going on?

Ya'll what is up with all this death threat stuff, who ever did it needs to get a life, the art work there is awesome. I tried to get on today and the page wouldn't work, if anyone knows anything tell me, I am going crazy not seeing the creative inspirations that are there. And no, I am not one of the peeps that go around copying art and claim it as my own, just an avid fan of the artists.

Yo this sucks. I tried today to get on for a half hour and finally stumbled on this page and that totally sucks about elfwood. Whoever did that death threat should lighten up and enjoy some art, either that or drug into the street and beat with a stick. GET A LIFE!!!

Elfwood is fine, everybody, relax...

The death threat thing was ages ago, the recent problems were due to a system crash on tuesday, but all is now well...

Elisa Anya Jaeger, elfwood artist (some visit my page at http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/loth/e/l/elisaanya/ )

Is the site down again? I can't get access to it. Anyone know the correct url???



the problem could be your server, or the network or the country you're from.

But I have to admit, Elfwood often slows down or just doesn't load up in my computer, but my connection is... unstable at times so it could be me.

They did seem to go up and down recently, it's only if you're lucky that you catch 'em up. Dunno why though.

I can't seem to get to it either. Then again, my computer has been screwed up for quite a while now, especially today. :(

i haven't been able to get to elfwood, too.
but i've never had problems accessing elfwood before, so i doubt it's my computer...

I can't get into elfwood either.... I don't get, I've never had any problems before. blah...:(

Ditto.. any elfwood pages won't load and I've never had trouble with it before o.o

i believe the site's down.....and I just updated my gallery, too. This sucks. O_o;

Yeah...same... :( This is so depressing..I miss elfwood...come back...where are yoU!??!?!?!

I can't get into elfwood either...... does anyone know why?? cuz apparently i'm not the only one

What are angry KOBOLDS? Anyway, about Elfwood being down- I bet it's because of that survey that they had up for the past week or so!! I think they're going to finally improve all the freakin bugs in the system cuz my site was having tons of problems with those. If they don't fix it though I'm just going to start my own fantasy art page.

uh yeah im just here pondering the same ol thang as everyone else who wrote down the same ol thang for no damn apparent reason. The same ol thang being elfwood is down. whoa yeah. why? how? does anybody know? please email me at my fake address if you know ;)

arg! i wish that it would hurry up and come back, i need to update stuff on my page! i dont think anybody knows why its down, this sucks!

it's down cuz the angry KOBOLDS have taken hold of it! AHHH!!!!!!!!!!

woah,angry kobolds!kool.

About this Elfwood thing.I live in Ireland.I have a 56K modem.And it isn't working for me either...hasn't worked for nearly 10 days now...

I think that Elfwood is undergoing a facelift.

Elfwood is back up now. I was just on it a minute ago.

still not up, i can't get in and my puter has nothign wrong wit da internet. will it eve rcome bak?

Ok... maybe it was for a few minutes, but I just found out a few minutes ago... and now its not working... I wish there was some kind of information to be found.

It's working now!

......and it's down again.

I visit elfwood at least once daily, and I find that on weekends most often it tends to go down (its been a little bad recently, but they usually get it up and fixed within a day or two.) But they're only human, just like the rest of us.

Erk, havn't been able to get on it for two weeks now @_@

it's been a while since i've visited elfwood. so i was quite surpised that it was down. but it's fortunate that i've found this article and discussion ongoing, so that i know it's only temporary^^ else i could have thought elfwood was down for good:/
but you can still find my artwork (and the fanarts of other people also) here -http://www.anime.revolution.pl/fanart.php and there - http://www.anime.revolution.pl/galeria.php?id=11 ^^ this site is not in english though (its proper url is www.anime.revolution.pl), but u don't need to know the language to see the images^^ actually the site itself is a anime&manga news service, and so the pics are a&m as well....hf!

ack, elfwood is down again :( i've tested this on 5 different computers!!

This sucks- it took me ages to find such a great site...i truly hope that this "assassin" is delt with and elfwood is brought back...

I can't see, to join the site, I've filled out three forms in the past week trying to join and none of the tickets work...

This is depressing for any artist....

this is stupid elfwood is the best site who ever did that are stupid childer

Yeah that was sad that some jealous punk would "threaten" the site. He probably couldn't draw and was jealous of all the talents that are out there in the world.

I tried accessing elfwood right now, but it seems down. Unless it's my computer.

My gallery at elfwood: http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/loth/d/r/dragongoddess/dragongoddess.html

My home page:

hey guys elfwood has been down for two days whats up

aww that realy sucks I love elfwood and I spend alot of time on the sight I hope they find that iriot before he realy ruins it for all of us

That's really annoying! I have just spent all of my money (earned by mucking out the local stables) on a £200 scanner! I have been shoveling poo for 3 months now, just so I could post my art on elfwood! AAAAAH! SO VERY VERY ANNOYING!!

EGADS! That death-threat is SO OLD. The only reason Elfwood is down now, is that the computer is locked in a hall that they cant get to to fix when it goes down. It will be back up. Obviously you people don't visit elfwood often. Its not down for good. Duh...

yep...... elfwood is still down. The computer probably got messed up again like it usually tends to on the weekend. Sucks 'cause I was finally gonna update. Well....whatever, it's annoying but what can anyone do?

It seems to go down everyweekend now. Normally it's a pain in the neck, but this weekend it's a real pain in the neck, since I was picked as artist of the day for Saturday and now no one will see my 15 minutes of fame. Oh well, that's the way my life seems to work.

huh? when i try to go to elfwood it comes to this search page like its totally gone or sumthin.....does anyone else know about this? when it was down before you could still get there.....

I know, I have the same problem...

I really like elfwood, I think those people who delivered the death threats should get a kick in the ass.

Well said! you can borrow my football studs if you like ;)

it just says that the page is not availlable 404 thing...grrrrrrr

Elfwood is finally up (for now)!

Spoke too soon.

They're up again!

yep...its up ^___^ which means I'll finally be able to get my sci-fi gallery up. WHEE! Oh yeah, that whole death threat thing that happened waaaaay back is stupid huh? Whoever did that has serious issues.

Whoever did the death threat is a moron- I'm glad Elfwood is up again! ^_^

Ummm..............think it's down again............maybe........hope not.

yep its down im sad........ :(


its back up!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

It's down today, from about 8:oo pm Eastern Central until who knows! This stinks. It can't have to do with the threats, but I HOPE it's up again soon... any info?

Drat!! I was using it last night, and in the middle it stopped loading :o(
I was in the middle of searching for pics and I had foun some really good ones, which I can't get to now.

It's still down.

Down again? blahhhh.........WHY?!?.......The only time I have to update my gallery is during the weekend! well that sucks..........................oh well, whatever......... :o(

umm ok, the death treat is dated July 2001, since then this board has pretty much been reports for when it's down, which is pretty much almost every weekend :( maybe someone should start a new forum for reporting when it's down????????

yeah, me agree, it's ALWAYS down!!! For at least once every 2 weeks!!!!!! It's SO FRUSTRATING, GRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, I guess this time it's problems with their server again.... *______________*

Rgh. This is... odd? Death threats in 2001, so what's up with it being down NOW? I've joined since that article was posted and had no troubles except for with a very annoying moderator pulling a piece of mine down because it wasn't "fantasy enough" when it had gone through many other moderators before them just fine.

The reason why elfwood is down so often: It's coding errors, or something similar. Not death threats, not this year. That was some time ago. See the elfwood page for details when it's up; they usually post when it's been down and why.

This is bull i just got my ticket in and anwsered the form and everything didnt even have time to put up my pictures and i just scaned them 10 minutes ago

ive never had it go down before

If i find this"Assasin" ill cut his balls off

Its working!!!!!! yay

damn it screwed up at the last second fkfkfkfk

I think im just trippin

I'm an addict.... this just isn't good.... ! help!?

I'm probably a bit late but..I havnm't seen elfwood up for nerry on 3 weeks now. im only a little artist but still i miss the site. dare i say if you have too many problems you should try artwanted.com its a great little site wheer you can display art for free andf the longer you are with them the more images you get to host. if nout else it is a good temporary thing and for me a full time thing, plus quick and easy to upload and no moderaters lol ok im gunna shtum cya!

Well I gotta say this is just blowing a ton. I've just gotten back from a trip with some decent stuff to update at my own elfwood gallery and low and behold the site is down. And it's been down for at least a week, and longer judging from everyone's posts above...*sighs* ah well. Looks like I'll just have to twiddle my thumbs and hope something worthwhile happens soon.

Also I would like to mention that this situation is undoubtedly temporary as the Elfwood team is pretty decent at getting things up and running, not to mention that I believe the Elfwood News said that they would be down to give Elfwood a facelift, let's hope that's what's happened.

Q.R.Aboudara (AKA Zaloruth

Elfwood's been down? Up until exactly 4 days ago i was able to access Elfwood, post artwork, comment on people artwork, and even recieve comments from other artists as was usual. The past 4 days however, i've been unable toacess elfwood at all. Infact I'd never even heard of sucha problem until 4 days ago, and 4 days may be an exageration - it could just be 3, I wasn't really paying attention - so I should correct myself and say: "3 or possibly 4 days." while not hugely accurate - i'm quite sure elfwood has been up -for "some" people at least, and some may still be having no trouble accessing it judging from what I've seen. I think the matter is slightly more complicated than "it's down" if it was down for as long as some people here have been saying, than i've been living a dream for a few weeks on end. And I wasn't, i'm sure of that.

I'm having trouble accessing the site as well.

I have experienced the same difficulty mentioned by Travis. My husband and I have not been able to access the site for several days... although it was fully operational for us beforehand.

I'm on!!!! Hopefully it stays this way. Best of luck to us all.

I went to cinco de mayo party and it sucked. I just want to get something posted so i wrote this.

well, it's down again, but i'm sure it'll be up in a few hours, but for those who are a bit frustrated, try deviantart.com it's a pretty decent site, and it's never ever down (ok, hardly ever) :D plus, no moderators, so the uploading time is superb...

you know, elwood is so awesome, and its such a shame that a good thing like that has to be spoiled for everybody. If only there was a way to screen sh*t like that. Ive been at elfwood for two years damnit and im not about to get kicked out now

Well! The worlds, proberbly coolist site is down again! DAMN!!!!!!!!! i hate it when that happens! i hope it wil be up and runing soon!

Would someone please email me and tell me why it's down?

Quote from site access to all you wannabe knowers:

We're currently upgrading Elfwood to a new Linux system. The reason is all the recent crashes, and hopefully the Elfwood main machine will run smoother after this.

Expect Elfwood to be back in a day or two!

Someone here who doesnt report on elfwood server status. Why? I've been boycotting it since about six months after the new ticket system. Fifty two brand spaking new peices I did, scanned and formatted JUST the way elfwood asked for them, best works I'd done at the time and I was eager to see them ut up and get feedback.

Six weeks later, the ticket went through, all fifty two were rejected for eing too fanciful for a Zone 47 gallery (Say what?! All I drew was modern characters and situations!!), plus, six or seven of my old peices were ripped off the gallery because apparrently chibiism isnt alowed (Even though I've seen it on several dozen others accounts, updated regularly) among other things.

Yay. I havnt gone back since I deleted my account and all my commentary.

Soscrew the ERB. Good for them for putting down the evil comsumers and artists that may seek out to destroy the community. Its a shame I was apparently mistaken for one of them. No, no death threats from me I just packed up and left. Six weeks to have everything you spent hours over to be rejected as if you were a bandit and an immiture coundrel is not a community I want to be invoved in.

I've moved on to bigger and better places. I give you (though slow loading at times, Ive only seen it go down once, and for two hours) the all mighty Deviant Art.


I've said my bit, I'm going now.

i was just on a few seconds ago. then was going back a few and it logged out on me. it just like.. shut itself down. i tried to go back but it says it cant be found. whats up with that.. and if this is supose to be a weekend thing. how come it worked all weekend and is finally stopping this sunday.. im addicted to this.. i hate this. i dont like it at all when elfwoods are burnt down.. i like the woods. i think im going to visit www.artwanted.com site. that the other guy said something about. i wanna see what its about. lataz all. ill def. be back to check elfwood again.

damn. that was a good site too. hope they can get it running. i discovered a lot of sh!t there that i liked 2. id love to see more. very inspirational

thats not right!!i love elfwood i go on all the time to see my brothers gallerey and my other favorite artists this is horrible!!who would do something like that!!**sits in a huffy mood**its not right thats all im saying.

hmm... looks like it's down again... oh well... for those of you out there... theres plenty of other good art galleries online to get inspirations like http://www.deviantart.com and http://www.epilogue.net (most elfwood artist are on both of them anyways :0 so theres no need to pout at all :)

I'm going to pout, because I'm a writer on Elfwood. I can't access my site or my other favorites sites on there. Makes me very upset, but I do hope that they have it back up soon.

NOO! I LOVED Elfwood! I'm going through, like.. Elfwood withdrawl. I have nothing to do when I'm bored anymore. Ya think they might say it's because of death threats when it's really about computer problems to try and make people stop saying those things? I think if Fantasy art has some modern elements, let it. I mean.. it'd get boring if elves always wore a tunic and tights... anyways.. if commenting is the problem, I'll be nicer with my comments.. so long as people dont start blowing up at me for saying the eyes are, or look too small on the character they drew. (It happened, I never said the pic was bad..it's not always the commenters fault)

Whatever the reason(s) is(are), its a bloody pain in the a$$!Oh and this assasin guy must really be an idiot to send in these stupid comments. Anyway I hope it'll work properly soon(enough).

Yes, but... *points* Looks like the article itself here was written in 2001. Correct me if I'm wrong but I dont think this is the current issue. If it's been down before, and this is rather without notice, I'm sure it will be up again. (Well... sure/hope, same thing.)

Geh... forgot. I just remembered... weren't they talking about getting a new server or something? I thought I saw such on the mainpage a few days ago... Anyways, this could be downtime whilst they trasfer.... but then again don't quote me on it.

i think its linux. its been up for awhile and i cen't get on it today!!! T.T i was going to maybe get a gallery too

Been down for me for about a week. Fine previously, had just uploaded my first two stories and I wanted to see if anyone had commented. Someone please email me when it is up again! :o)

Guys...hold on...i panicked and told my friends about the death threats and stuff...but after close examination...do i see a July 2001 article??? but, yeah, this got to my attention when i saw that the elfwood site's not available. Anyone who's kind-hearted enough to enlighten a very confused girl..please email me?

If anyone knows(or finds out) the reasons and when this is going to stop(if it ever does) please let us know. :->

I am also an artist and writer (soon to be writer if they ever get the site back up) I am really hoping that the reaosn Elfwood is down at the moment IS a server problem and not the death threat. I have counted on Elfwood throught my Novel I had just written. So far Elfwood is the only place I can search for an Illustrator for my Novel. BTW, if anyone is interested, or know anyone who might be, let me know!

yeah i agree with sasha ^^ the mainsite did say that it would be transferring to a new server or something like that... but don't quote us on it though... and yes, the article about the death treat is written 2001.... ppl should definitely examine evidences..... like i said there are other galleries that you can find :) artists, writers, and photographers are all on http://www.deviantart.com which is just huge and has rarely been down and http://www.epilogue.net which hosts a lot of professional artists.... (most elfwood artist are on both of them anyways :0 so theres no need to pout at all :)

DARN IT! I recently got my art up on there, and it goes down! I've been trying to find people interested in my particular style of drawing and storytelling, and this happens! >_<

what the hell man.. i didnt check for the past month and suddenly this happens and IT IS STILL DOWN!!

anyway does anyone know whats up with chat.rpgworlds the irc server i cant log on

Does anyone have a clue when or if Elfwood will be back up? It is a great place for me to put my work ... sad : (



So what if its an old issue, Elfwood isn't working and no one knows whats going on. And we're using this "old issue" as a way to talk about it!

Yeah, just got some new stuff updated after the mods went on holiday, and now this. Bugger and tarnation!!

nooooooo ***cries*** elfwood is my favourite site everrrrrr (and sending links to my friends is a good way to bug them :) but thats beside the point!!) its been down for ages and i want it backkkkkk!!!

I've been wondering why I haven't been able to access the extranet the last couple days. Damnit, I have new shit to post. The little bastards that pulled this garbage need to get a goddam life, and Elfwood's owners need to grow some testicles and stand up, not run and hide.

I retract my words, seeing as how I posted, as a few others did, without paying attention. Little bastard still needs to get a life. :P

Oh dude.. That's horrible.. now I cannot join it.. I had just discovered elfwood and now it's down :(.. bummer..

Its just not fair!

Thank Ktulu everybody!!! Elfwood is back online!!

What a bummer! I love Elfwood. I always go on to Elfwood. These artists have a gift. they are special. =)
keep up with your wonderful art. I just want them to know that. and I am sorry about the website. that really sucks. any more news on when it will be back up???

My ticket is just in the cue, and it goes down again.DAMN

The site was up yesterday, and I posted a ticket, now it's down!!! I actually updated my gallery and this happens! *cries, then runs off to check if elfwood has come back on in the past 20 seconds*
i wanna check out deviant art tho, sounds good

I have been going to elfwood for years, and this shit is pissing me off! One second its on and then another it is off! What the HELL!! I'm really mad now. Will someone let me know when it is on for good. This sucks.

But.....But.....But....I was on it yesterday!!! Damn and Blast!!! lol! This is so mean! I love that damn site! I have been looking for a few months now, and ive never had such problems.... I really like that damn site....It was the first gallery i ever saw! And i dont wanna go on another site, call me a baby if you will, but i like the style of this site.....With the leaves......and....and...Oh my life!! Its jsut so cool! I have got so much insperation from there.... And....If they dont let ou put stuff in the Fantasy bit.... But it in the Sci-Fi bit!!!! Silly peoples...Well... Im going to try, and try again... *walks off with a tear in her eye* Lol!

(((......And....its not 5:40....its 10:40.....Like i'd be up that damn early!!!!!)))


Its only down because they're changing the server it'll take a while.
(((...Oh and Cali I'd say that 5:40 was probably USA time, and 10:30 was probably GMT...)))

So does that mean its going to be coming back up? I'm a long time fan of the site and was planning on trying to get some of my own work up on it finally... anyone have any idea whats actually going on??

I think you guys need to look at the date of the original posting, the news is almost 2 years old ;^)

Elfwood is up an down all the time for various reasons and as previously mentioned, there is some server work being carried out currently. EW will have normal service resumed soon :^)

Mike if u read a bit more than the 5 last comments you'd see that people already know that and that this posting is just a way of talk about what's going on actually at elfwood. They just changing the whole server, it takes time so a bit of patience will be required.

**cries** NOOOOOOOO! I LOVED Elfwood! It was one of my favorite sites! :-( **cries**

I think it a server problem. Occasionally, servers have problems like this and give access only once in a while. I saw a similar thing with an online game called Utopia (http://games.swirve.com/utopia) It was very hard to play because frequently it logged me out because of the bug. It was, however, fixed with time. Unfortunately, it was about a months worth... I WANT ELFWOOD BACK NOW!!!!!! :( if you are persistent enough and try long enough, you MAY be able to get in...

Decent work, don't let some numbnuts destroy your hard work just because they need to control life, and read the Gift of Fear by Gavin DeBecker as how to weed them out and deal with such fools in the future...


that's so not fair to those of us who are just getting started.

i thik its completly unecesary to shut down the site but i also think its uterly discusting that the human race would steep so low as to post threats on a commets page it makes me sick that this is what it has come to also i looked at many great artists on that site and seen a lot of beautiful art and it is a shame that one incoherant asshole that thinks they are "cool" for doing this could shut down the whole site

OK this seems to have been going on for a while with no one knowing whats going on, so I'm just going to sum things up & hope it puts the issue to rest. Elfwood was down for a while a year or two ago for certain reasons that were taken care of. since then it has frequently been offline because it is a hobby, not a proffesional or commercial site, and there is many instances such as server problems that screw things up for a time. But it is always back soon, so shut up and find something else to do in the meantime. The only thing I'm angry about now is that my school's internet filter won't let me into elfwood because of 'nudity and violence'! Stupid overprotective adults!!

hey!! elfwood is down again >_< Thus I typed "Elfwood is not working" on google.com. and here is where I've got. so it had happened years ago, nothing surprising then... can someone tell me what's going on this time though?

Yeah, what's goin' on? I had just put my first story into the Wyverns Library and I went to check on it. Never came back. *sigh* when'll it be back?!?!?!? Oh, woe is me!

Don't sweat it folks they will come back, just a question of when...

Ah the chaos that we spin in the net...

this is so fucken gay