Future campaign in THE FUTURE


Well, we've decided to start a new campaign.
My group and I also decided to replace wizards, dungeons and magic swords with hackers, space stations and big guns. That means a futuristic campaign.
Now, we've been mulling over the available options for a Sci-Fi campaign and I was wondering if you guys have any recommendations to make regarding:

The System
current options are:
D20 future
GURPS [plain or Traveller]
Fading suns [normal or D20]
Trinity [ST or D20]
Other (Mechwarrior, gamma world...)?

Has anyone had any experience with some of these systems?
Good points, bad points and things to consider are what I'm looking for.

Once this issue is exhausted (not too soon, I hope), I've got other things to discuss.

Let's go!

BTW, any suggestions regarding using regular ST (i.e. new WoD) for an SF campaign?

I'd use d20 Modern with the d20 Future book. I've got it and read it, but never used it. It seems pretty good to me. Very adaptable to whatever you may want to do with it.

However, that being said, the best option (IMHO) would be to use the d20 version of Traveller that came out some time back. T20. I think it freakin rocks, and have used it for two campaigns to date, with great success.