A Plug for Pardus


Pardus, an indy space MMORPG with traders, fighters and pirates of various races and factions striving for wealth and fame in the universe, is expanding on June 10!

Please allow me to introduce Pardus, a browser-based space MMORPG I've been playing with free and subscriber ("premium") options. 2D graphics, the design is a semi-live game based on limited "Action Points" to spend, eliminating the "play all night" advantage and slowing things down even for people with busy schedules.

The game is interesting, but to be honest, a little sluggish in performance.   It simply reeks of growing popularity. And as with such things they are expanding, giving new a frontier opportunity to anyone and everyone.

Two new Pardus Universes will be opened on June 10th!

The great success of our free game has spread to many places on the internet; primarily through hearsay and an ad campaign. As a consequence, the amount of active players has more than tripled to 16,000 within six months, and as some of them have noticed, the Pardus Universe has become quite crowded in certain places. Therefore, we have decided to open up two new universes completely separate from the old one: Universe Artemis and Universe Pegasus.

Every player will be able to create a completely new additional character for Universe Artemis, starting the struggle for supremacy in its colonial foundation! Universe Pegasus will be reserved for additional characters of our Premium players. This will effectively double/triple every player's possible play-time.

Together, we will then increase the currently exceptionally low fee for new Premium Accounts (or extensions) by ~25% - go get it while it's cheaper ;). This is due to a major upgrade to our server infrastructure which will result in more stability, less lag, and the ability to expand Pardus.

While our time until June 10th is going to be used for further server/universe preparations, the completion of elaborate plans lies ahead for the summer, concerning new game features.

The Pardus Administrators

You can get a brief overview at Wikipedia (Wiki-link), the on-site manual or at the game's many player-created info sources.

Ask me below if you are interested in links or hearing any other details.