Epic Fantasy Roleplaying Game


I haven't been around the board much recently. I am getting married in July, am working full-time out-of-town, and running a part-time martial arts school 5 nights a week. Life is pretty busy.

I know that it is busy for everyone out there too. You don't have time to invest in a lot of the new things that come up and personally, I wouldn't be able to commit any time to learning a new gaming system at the moment. However, I am asking you to talk a moment and flip through my updated (but not completed) website, sign the guest book on the way through, and give me some criticism on the presentation of the material, the concepts, or anything else that you think of.

Here are some assertions that you may wish to challenge/rebut/discuss:

Skills are source material. I have included skills in the basic game, but they are modular -- meaning that you can take out an "Archery" skill and drop in an entirely new "Archery" skill mechanic in its place. It doesn't change the game. Skill tests still happen in the same way -- the table of resolution and effect changes. What skills can be used to counter or challenge the roll can also be altered to suit your game.

Time is fluid. The game can run at various levels of detail allowing the story to attended to the microscopic action and then expand to keep the action flowing.

Skill Profile. I chose Daring, Alertness, Volition, Insight, and Artistry as the five skill categories -- this means that demonstrating these attributes during the game can, over time, increase the skills associated with them. Did I pick a good five attributes? Would you have chosen differently? What do you think about how this changes the group dynamic where different characters within a group must achieve different goals to advance their skills?

Statistics. Statistics are virtually non-existent for basic characters (the rulebook has two unequal halves -- Basic and Intermediate[the larger half]). Skills at the basic level only represent the total modified ability. Thus a character may have a high skill in Wrestling because they are big, strong, and fast -- or because they are a skilled grappler. This is done for game balance and ease of character creation. Does every fibre of your roleplaying experience resist this?

Let me know.



Hi Gilgamesh,

Guess your lead-in for this wasn't nearly inflammatory enough! ;-)

I will take a look at your brainchild sometime but I have a family bereavement to deal with right now.

- Lurk

P.S. Congratulations to you and your partner on your imminent nuptials. Hope it all goes well and that you have a great day.

Condolonces LG,

I'd appreciate your thoughts when you have a chance.