Sooooooo, aeon?


Is there any chance of reviving that weekly forum game that we've all come to know and love? It's been almost 9 months, and I'm still missing Ninja Burger as though we had ended last week.

All of our Ninja Burger team seems to still be around. Whutaguy, zipdrive, Wroe, and Arvo if you're still alive, please post here if you want Ninja Burger as much as I do.

I'm new, but I've heard the legends concerning Ninja Burger - if there's room for me, I'm all in. So just let me know if I can totally "flip out" like all the other ninjas out there.

I'm all up for it. I miss having something as fantastic as that to look forward to every week.

Hey all,

I'm new to the site, but I've played Ninja Burger before. The play by post game that you've done is amazing. I'd love to be a part of a second round. I realize I'm coming in late in the game, and it's probably played itself out. But I can still hope!

I'm totally up for participating in another round, if that should come to pass.

Welcome, Wulfgar, though I'm afraid we have no Drazzt or Bruenor here to keep you company. Sorry. However, Wulfgar's definitely the coolest of them all, so I think we're good.

Yeah, we haven't even started Ninja Burger yet, if we ever will. :(
so I guess you're not late. But, we'll see what happens soon.

Tell you what. When I find a job I'll start up a second round here.

just keep me posted :)

lol... posted...

posting for a timestamp

I sort of have my hands full with other things, and now with Vox. If someone else wants to run Ninja Burger here on Gamegrene I'd be happy to send them a free copy of the rules (PDF or print, your choice) to help them run it.