Modern Fantasy games


I'll be honest. My favorite genre of all time is modern fantasy (no, I'm not talking Dragon Wars...shudder). I'm looking for a system, or several systems that are really good for modern fantasy, or old western fantasy, or depression fantasy - really, anything not medieval. I'm thinking I'd like to see a more serious system, so not really high fantasy. I've already discovered the chocolately goodness of Mage: The Awakening, but I'm just fishing around for games. Anybody got any suggestions, games they've loved and particularly enjoyed playing or DMing in? Especially the western fantasy - I just love the idea.

Oh, and if any of you guys have found a cool Matrix themed game (talking about the movies, of course), I'd love to check that out, too. Thanx!


Keep your eyes peeled. Never know what might pop up.

I really can't make any recommendations without sounding like a plant for SJG.

Do check out Gilgamesh's system, though. It's...unlike anything you've seen, I'll wager.

Oh. And Ninja Burger. Gotta love ninjas. And burgers. Oh, hell. Just cruise around gamegrene long enough - there is a lot of good stuff here, past and present. Heck, I found an old gamegrene writer by accident, just by using a particular search string in google.

Yes, I am a mindless shill for gamegrene.

Don't worry. So am I. Gamegrene is amazing. It's definitely the best. site. ever. period.

I think d20 modern has something about that.