I have a challenge


I love NFL Football and play Madden Games, ESPN, and others, including a boardgame called Bloodbowl (remember that?).

I have been thinking about creating a table top game based on the NFL. I have stats from the electronic games for individuals, and know how to incorporate those stats during a game on an individual basis.

BTW I am using ranged stats as found in NFL's Head Coach.

But I can't figure out how to make formations work, have off field issues effect the game, and have a host of other issues. I am currently working on a fantasy game now and that is progressing nicely, but I cannot seem to make heads or tail out of this football game.

So, I m going to outline what I want. If you think that you can find a way to accomplish this, then let me know.

I am not offering any monetary compensation. This is simply a nerdy exercise for everyone who enjoys a good challenge.


I want to play the role of the owner of a new football expansion team. The player has enough money and influence to get a team started, but has to decide what city (and work out details with the city and state), hire a general manager, head coach, and build a stadium, training facilities, and anything else that the team may need.

The head coach and general manager will have to sign players through free agency, the expansion draft, and the draft, come up with additional staff and position coaches, training programs, and Offensive/Defensive Playbooks.

During games I want to be able to use football tactics and strategies, have individual players make a real difference, have injuries and off field issues cause problems, and deal with penalties and the like.

I want this game to be as realistic as possible, but streamlined enough to be enjoyable.

Is anyone game?

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Have fun ;-)

I think sports are only fun when killings involved.

Ok then, imagine the same game concept mixed with Blood Bowl.

I do have some idea for a random off-field issue table that players can roll on before games to add fun and danger:

1-80 Player shows up normal, no effect on the game
81-90 Player is absent for unknown reason
91 Player has aquired a minor injury (roll on and injury table)(effect on play)
92 Player has acquired a terrible injury and will not be able to play
93 Player shows up completely drunk or intoxicated( effect on play)
94 Player has a feud with another random player (effect on play involving them)
95 Player picks a fight with another player, they both gain minor injuries.
96 Player demands higher pay
97 Player has been praticing (positive effect on play)
98 Player is in legal trouble, pay money to bail him out.
99 Player has taken steriods(positive effect on play if he dosn't get caught)
100 Player has died

hope it helps!