Stories of Stupidity


I mad this thread for people to share their stories of times when they made an embarassing mistake in an RPG, everyone's done it at least once!

Heres's mine.

So I was DMing these group of players, good gang of dudes, but these were the
type of play who if I said "You see a chest" they would go "is it male or female".
Bit of a pain in the ass there.

So onto the story...

The PCs had just escaped the hold of a pirate ship, unfortunately, the pirates
waiting noticed them.

Just before everyone starts rolling for initiative. The Lawful Good Warforged Samurai being very honourable; asks the leader if he would like to
engage in a private duel to spare his men's lives

I meant to say some thing like "Why should my men have to refrain, we are all equal here!"

But it came out "Hah! I do everything with my men"

Retribution came swift and hard.

I do remember in my early days mocking the cleric for taking "Cure Light Wounds" becasue it was a fantasy game and there wouldn't be any lasers (light inflicted wounds).

The first time that I played Cyberpunk, my cyborg character stuck a Wolverine style claw into the card reception slot of an ATM and electrocuted himself. Oops...

Also an electrocution story. My jedi is knocked down by a thug next to wires and cables. I thinking myself clever cut an electrified cable and jam it into the floor.... what a minute I'm on the floor too...