Lorthyne's Leaving


Hail Gamegreners! Tomorrow (June 4) I'm going to be leaving home to serve as a proselyting missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (a.k.a the "Mormon" Church). As a part of this, I'm going to be taking a pretty large sabbatical from roleplaying games, leisure reading, video games, the internet, and pretty much everything else electronic, with the small exception of a weekly email to family and friends. I'm letting you guys know about this partially so you'll know why Lorthyne's rampant fanboyism has mysteriously disappeared, but mostly to express my graditude for this web site and those who frequent it.

Roleplaying has changed my life for the better in numerous ways, and I know for a fact that I would have never discovered the hobby had I not discovered Gamegrene.com. I believe that there was some divine influence that led me here(I found Gamegrene purely by accident, before I had any idea what the hobby truly was), but I suppose that's beside the point.

I want to thank you all for bringing me into roleplaying, and for the massively positive influence you've all had on my gaming, and through it, my life. I have to thank Calamar, in particular, for his assistence with my first clumsy attempts at GMing, and I will always have fond memories of the Ninja Burger Play-By-Post game.

I should be back in about two years from now, charged with all the energy, excitement, and ignorance that comes from leaving the community for two years. I also plan on attending my first covention at Gencon in 2011, and I'd love to coordinate a Gamegrene meetup, and maybe even run a game. Until then, thank you, farewell, and may only the best come to you and your families.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I can receive snail mail. On the very miniscule chance that any of you would like to contact me that way, you can ask Tzuriel or Wroe for my mailing address. It's likely to change every six weeks or so, and they'll have the most current one.

You'll be missed!

I second that -- good luck!

All the best, Lorthyne.

I'm guess I'm too late, but:
Goodbye, have a good time and good luck.
Hope to see you when you're back