Diplomacy - any takers?


Do any of the gamegrene regulars here (I think you know who you are) have a Facebook account?

I'm trying to get a full set of players for a game of phpDiplomacy and I have one seat left to fill. We play through the phpDiplomacy Facebook app. (See, Facebook does actually have its uses).

For those of you unfamiliar with the game, Diplomacy is a game of strategy, psychology and calculated risk taking based on the Great War (WWI) in Europe.


Coaching available for newbies. Turns will be 48 hours long, though there is a pause facility that can be invoked by unanimous vote and people will generally agree to a pause when someone's going to be AFK for a while.

Any takers drop me a mail on captainlockheed a-t btinternet d-0-t c-0-m with a link to your Facebook profile. Could you also post a reply here to confirm that you've mailed me. Thanks.

Ha ha! I've never heard of the game. And I'm ridiculously anti-application on FB. Facebook is good for alot of things though, especially if your a GM.

BUT, I at first thought you were after a different sort of diplomacy when you mentioned FB. I'm dropping you an email anyways. LOL.

I've never played diplomacy, although I've heard it's the quickest way to lose friends while having fun :)
Since Scott has already applied, I'll wait for the next time.

In another matter, are the spam bots THAT sophisticated and ubiquitous now?

No no, go ahead zip. I don't play games online. I only play well with others when I'm in charge...which is why I make a great GM but a terrible player.

I'm just playing safe. I get enough spam as it is ;-)

Well, SF has first dibs on Diplomacy but if he's declining then I guess the seat's yours if you want it, Zip. Just mail me with a link to your FB profile.

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Sorry Gazgurk, but I *am* one of the evil conspirators so I'm immune. Fnord.

...because I display my credit card number on my Facebook profile. Sure I do.

...because corrupt CIA or FBI agents are going to single out some fairly ordinary British guy to pick on out of millions of other Facebook users. Yes they are.

Scott, that's the beauty of computer games- you can't argue with the computer :)

LG, How long is this game supposed to take? About how many 48-hour turns? and how long can actually playing a turn take?

The last game we played took about 4 weeks to complete - that includes a break of a week somewhere in the middle where we paused while I went holidaying in Belgium. Total of 12 turns played - the turns don't have to take 48 hours, the turnaround occurs when everyone finishes submitting their orders, but if you don't submit your orders by the 48-hour deadline then you forfeit your move.

Actually playing a turn - i.e. working out what orders to submit - can vary, depending on how much thinking and forward planning you want to put in. It can take as little as a few minutes. Mechanically, it's quite straightforward. But also another important element is the 'Diplomacy' of the game's title. It's rare that anyone can win this game by acting alone - you need to negotiate alliances with others. You can actually do quite a bit of roleplaying with this game - acting the part of your country's leader bargaining with other heads of state (or lambasting them for their treachery, or gloating over their downfall....) You carry out communications using a public (addressing all players) or private (addressing a single player) chat board that is part of the application.

Hey zip - if you want in then I need a reply soon. Sorry to be pushy.

OK, as I've had no takers here I will offer elsewhere.

Zip, if you're still interested, let me know - I can contact you when the next game is due to start.

Hey, Why did you pack of douches delete my sweet ANSCII art. You probably work for fnordbook or something.

Pack of douches? OMG...the "I can't stop watching this car crash" stage of knowing each other is coming to an end Gazgurk.

Gazgurk: I deleted your ASCII, and I'll continue to delete relevant wastes of my resources.

LG, sorry for not responding.
I'm a bit in the thick of things now in RL, so I'll have to pass.

Again, sorry.