WotC setting revival in 2010?


As most of you know, WotC has declared it will release products for a different campaign setting each year for D&D 4th edition. Since 2008 is the year of Forgotten Realms and 2009 will be Eberron's year, speculation is rife regarding 2010.
Since existing campaign worlds have established following and a good base, I think 2010 will also see a return of a previously existing world. So far my money's been on Dragonlance because:
A) It's a very well known setting with massively popular novels
B) WotC pulled the license back from Margaret Wise Productions when declaring 4th Edition.

However, I just started having second thoughts, as I found out that WotC has started reprinting another old series of books: Troy Dennings' Prism Pentad. This reprinting of the Dark Sun core novel series may be hinting at something...

or it may not

what do you think?

I was also surprised by the re-release of the Prism Pentad series, but I think WotC was responding to the popularity of Dark Sun on the internet. I think they are just trying to throw everything they have at the market to see what sticks. I'm sure they are gauging the sales of the Prism Pentad series in regard to any future products.

Why do you think WotC will republish Eberron next? Have they said as much?

I have a hunch the head honchos at Wizards want to keep a singular focus this time around, so as not to split the market. Think about it. When you release a campaign setting, they only person who needs the book is the DM, so that's only 1 in 5 gamers, and then, that's totally dependent on the group actually wanting to -play- that setting, so you've further reduced the market. The costs associated with publishing have gotten too high and markets are too fickle. More settings require more support and ultimately few returns, and that's been a root cause of every previous edition's collapse.

No, I think the focus moving forward will be on "player-oriented" books, and I think they'll release the alternative game worlds exclusively through D&D Insider, to cut down on overhead costs and ensure subscriptions. With that in mind, sure, Dark Sun makes logical sense. It already has a strong online presence, and unlike Eberron, there will be no redundancy in the market.

I think they pulled the license for DL back, and are releasing Dark Sun novels as well, so they are prepared for whatever will sell in 2010. They probably have made a decision already to "wait and see" what they think will sell best at that time. In the meantime, they'll develop and keep in the can material for both. Once they know what will sell at that time, they'll release it. Or they'll realize that neither will sell and they'll make a 5th edition...which will look like this.

Random, WotC have announced they intend to support a single setting per year and only once each producing a three-part package for each: A campaign guide (for GMs) a player's guide (for players) and an adventure (or adventure sequence, I'm not sure).
So far this is what they've done with FR and what they announced for Eberron, although I'm pretty confident any runaway success will get more attention.