Why Star Wars Galaxies Might Suck


Star Wars is revered by millions, and the buzz about the upcoming online Star Wars game is increasing steadily. But what if, contrary to what everyone thinks, the game sucks? Because we all need a good laugh now and again, here are the Top 10 possible reasons the forthcoming Star Wars Galaxies MMORPG will totally suck, in chronological order.

Star Wars is revered by millions, and the buzz about the upcoming online Star Wars game is increasing steadily. But what if, contrary to what everyone thinks, the game sucks? Because we all need a good laugh now and again, here are the Top 10 possible reasons the forthcoming Star Wars Galaxies MMORPG will totally suck, in chronological order.

Fall 2002. Star Wars Galaxies is released. 50 thousand players choose to be Jedi Masters. 45 thousand players want to be Darth Maul. One guy from Podunk, Kansas chooses to be an Ewok. He becomes a laughingstock as Raph Koster's theories about game balance and PvP fail. The tear in space-time caused by the ensuing gankage destroys what's left of Western civilization. Five of the eight player races are retired after three weeks because nobody is using them.

Early December, 2002. Years spent painstakingly designing ship-to-ship combat and the intricacies of laser blaster combat go to waste as every single player in the game only engages in lightsaber combat. A poll of all players reveals that the average RP session lasts 17 seconds, and consists of "I am the real Darth Maul. " "No, I am." (lightsabers ignite).

Christmas Eve, 2002. Game designers begin to see a slight flaw in their thinking after a team of players infiltrates and destroys the galaxy's only Death Star for the 75th time in a row, looking for the Darth Vader mob because he drops a unique.

Winter, 2003. Brief, but deadly, war erupts when proponets of the "Star Trek can beat up Star Wars" idealogy make public statements. At one point, 457 players whip out lightsabers simultaneously. In the ensuing confusion, 217 are killed in the first .7 seconds of combat. Dozens will spend the next several hours trying to sift through the pile of corpses to find their stuff. The final showdown between K1rk and Luke36778422 proves the obvious. They're all WAY too geeky.

Spring, 2003. The game reaches a low point when a battle between DarthMaul, Darth_Maul, Darth_-Maul, d@rthmaul, and darthmaul17 breaks out over the fact that D@rthm@ul used a speed hack, and managed to cut down 1785 players with names which were variations of "Darth Maul" in a span of 5 minutes. Consequently, the entire debacle is awarded the Golden Leet award for having the most insane variations of a single well-known name.

Late Spring, 2003. A confidential company memo is released which reveals that 99.5 percent of the carefully constructed world is going unexplored as players gather in the Creature Cantina on Tattooine and "that part with the laser doors where Obi-Wan fights Darth Maul" to argue about whether or not Greedo shot first, and why Qui-Gon didn't fade away.

Early Summer, 2004. George Lucas, going entirely insane, patches the game to remove violent content and add more Gungans. Instead of killing, players now yell at one another in a stern voice to resolve differences. Nobody bothered to tell George that there's already a place for this called Usenet. Needdless to say, the player base rapidly drops off.

Mid-Summer, 2004. After interest in the game has waned almost completely, Jar Jar Binks spawns and stays up for longer than .06 seconds. Elsewhere, the Yoda mob spawns unseen on Dagobah and is never seen again, as nobody has ever played a character short enough to fit into that tree hut thing.

Late Summer, 2004. Lightsaber-based violence is quietly patched back in because the cauterizing effects of the blades are deemed "non-violent enough." Few players remain to notice. However, the ensuing battles are noteworthy for bringing about the ultimate paradox, when LukeSkyw@lker kills DarthVader after DarthVader kills Luke_Skywalker, in revenge for his killing of D@rthv@der for the slaying of LukesKyWaLkEr the night before.

Late 2016. An unopened 'collector's edition' of the game box is auctioned off for a final bid of sixteen million dollars. The trial after the buyer discovers the game can't be played because the servers have been shut down will be one of the longest-running ones in history.

This is the more moronic thing i've ever heard.

Oh man, was that good. Heh...

St4r Warez 0wnz j00!!!

That was great! Good show, and heres to the game actually being GOOD :)

Jesus Christ, I HOPE it doesn't suck.

HAHAHA!! That's great.

Do i smell frustations from a dark past of iconoclast mudding?

While I don't ever play any of these online games, I have to say this sounds rather realistic. Even though it was meant tongue-in-cheek, from listening to Evercrack players talk to one another, I think the author is closer to the truth than he might think.

I've played all of the Big Three, and tried to play Anarchy Online. While Aeon *cough* is being quite hyperbole-happy here, let's just say you develop the skill ignoring certain types of players real quick, just as web surfers have a banner-ad sized blind spot on their retinae, somewhere centered in the upper half of their FOV.

Not all that unrealistic. The game will almost certainly not live up to the grand expectations I keep hearing.

The license will sell it. Few will ever be able to determine the game's actual merit in the face of hordes taking up sides between SW continuity failings and SW theme fanaticism, neither of which really have anything at all to do with whether the game is worth playing.

I urge everyone to use FRP and EQ inspired names and roleplay accordingly in the world of SWG.

Hell, there's no need to urge people to do that - just about everyone did so in AO. Random thought: someone please write a rant on names and how difficult it is to pick 'em, or I will have to, and the results won't be pretty.

ey nix ya loser... next week ye WILL tag along coz we're sick of yer bailing out on the last moment. if ye can post this stuff ye sure as hell can drink beer!

Absolutely spot on. Hilariosly well-written! Ppl take SW (and Trek for that matter) much too seriously. But you missed two other important occurences. Firstly, a fifty strong group of Han Solos run into a cargo bay, and look around in bemusement to see no-one there but themselves. 'Where are the troopers?' they complain loudly. Then a single, adventurous player who wanted to have a go at being a Stormtrooper pops out, fires his blaster ineffectually and gets fried by several hundred incoming laserbolts. In another enounter, a trio of Darth Vaders stalk into the command centre in a Stardestroyer, ready to do an impressive speech and perhaps bully or intimidate a few high-ranking personnel. But what is this? There aren't any Imperial officers! Because who in their right mind would want to play a character whose only role is to get choked to death?

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

and oh

ha ha ha ha ha ha

Thanks for the laughs.

Picking names shouldn't be that hard of a task... Usually all I do is pick one or two words combine them together and then change a few of the letters to make it sound nice... I never ever use number unless I'm like Agent007 but even this looks kinda dumb

Now isn't that the truth!!

HaHa!!!! Amazing stuff hilarious.... jk2 will prob be better thoguh..

Well written!

I refuse to even consider playing it for those very reasons.

I can't even count how many variations of Drizzit, Drzit, Derizzet, etc. I saw on EQ. It makes baby Jesus cry to see that kind of crap going on.

Now this is what I call great comedy do some more I need some more feed me this great work, anyway I see what you mean It does have HUGE potential problems

You forgot to mention me.


*Anxiously awaiting Neverwinter Nights*

There is only one problem with this argument, none of these things will be able to happen in SW:G. If you had just gone to their website...

1) The deathstar is already blown up. This game is inbetween ANH and ESB. So the Deathstar 2 isn't built yet either.
2) Can't kill recognizable figures such as: Vader, Wedge, Luke, Han , Leia, etc.
3) Even if you could, there are no uber iutems, all the best stuff will be player made.
4) Dynamic spawns, really dynamic, no camping will be able.
5) The game devolopers are shooting for about 1% of people able to be jedi. If there gets to be too too many 2% they will probably hard cap it.
6) Only jedi's can use lightsabers, anyone else has as good of a chanc3 of killing someone with one, as chopping off their own foot.
7) They have very strict name protocols. You won't be able to be darth anything or obi anything, and all the last names of the recognizable characters (including all characters from the Expanded Universe) will be prohibited, as will numbers.
8) Players can't be sith. You have to go all the way through jedi training and then fall to the dark side to be a dark jedi, but you can never be sith.
9) They will have player controlled capital ships, AT AT's and other cool stuff, which is un-ownable, but may be used on missions by Imp faction members.

The author has obviously never even visited the website....

First of all, nothing in that article is possible at this poit in time. Jedis are rare and hard to acomplish and even if more then 1-2% of the population ends up getting Jedi in Beta they'll fix it before it even comes out. Even hard cap it if they have to. And you can't be an ewok.

Very strict name regulations. Now way will it even let you enter the game with Darth or any variation of Darth Maul as a name or Luke or any other well known Star Wars name.

Death Star doesn't exist and you'd have to be very lucky to even see Vader more then once. And if you do it's not like hes going to sit there and let you shoot at him.

So next time try actually knowing how the game is made before you bash it.

>>So next time try actually knowing how the game is made before you bash it.

Next time try getting a sense of humor. Do you work for George Lucas or something?

Come on Aeon, don't take it personnaly, I still found your post hillarious. Still I'll probably try the game anyway, even if I refered half my friends to your post just for the laughs.

And what if Cozmo works for Lucas Arts? Good for him or her.

May the farce be with you ;)

"Very strict name regulations. Now way will it even let you enter the game with Darth or any variation of Darth Maul as a name or Luke or any other well known Star Wars name."

And the stupidity begins... Luke, is quite probably an incredibly common namein the Star Wars universe, what with Obi Wan having an alternative name of 'Ben', and Lukes family had pretty European/Judaeo Christian names didn't they? But because one bright spark had the name Luke, any other person in the galaxy can't?

I doubt this will actually be the case, I haven't checked the website in a while as frankly roleplaying in this particular Space Opera never really suited me. Too many damned stereotypes to bump into, and not enough drama.

But if they ACTUALLY ban Luke, rather than just the name Sky Walker, Luke Skywalker, or some alphanumeric combo desinged to appear as Luke Skywalker, then you have to wonder how much roleplaying they want to go on, how 'open' they want the system to be. I mean, the fact is there isn't enough computing power around dedicated to gaming to realistically create an entire world to interact in, let alone an entire galaxy should be a sign of trouble ahead, and yet despite this massive limitation to believabiilty they might smack a stupid restriction on like you can't have the first name Luke?

When I see online roleplaying done right for a town, or city, I might begin to believe. When I see it done right for a country or portion there of (role on Warhammer Online) I might begin to be convinced.

When I see online roleplaying done right for an entire Galaxy, well let's just say we will already be in the Matrix. :) Ok, that's enough seriousness from me, this article is too damned funny to ruin with my boring preaching. :)

>> Come on Aeon, don't take it personnaly...

I didn't take it personally. If I had taken it personally you would already be dead. Muahahahahahaha!

Yeah, it is pretty obvious that the author didn't look a the faq, but that just makes it even more funny (we can laugh at his ignorance and laziness as well as his article!)

Yes we can laugh at his lazyness and well i mean he has gotten nothing right I mean buddy goto www.starwarsgalaxies.com goto the faq and READ IT!

Aside from the fact that this was a humor piece, you're entirely missing the point. Just because something is in a FAQ somewhere, and just because the game designers plan something one way, does not mean it's going to end up that way in the end. The gaming world is full of ignorant little bastards who will be happy to test the system's limits. And I guarantee you that there is no way that Star Wars Galaxies can have a name screening policy that will eliminate all known variations of the main characters' names. And if they are going to delete characters every time there's a minor name infraction, they're going to have a very small player base. You can't have a successful game if you slap everyone's wrists every ten seconds.

Lol. We shall see. I doubt they will ban just the names "Luke" or "Ben", etc. But Full names will be banned, and titles like Sith will be banned as well. No numbers in the naming system, and no symbols either. All information is to be kept on the server side, and so, unless they actually hack the SWG server, I doubt they will be able to change anything. And of course things won't go as planned. That is what a beta is for.

All that said, funny article.

they already said you cant be an ewok.... have movie char variation names....kill darth vader... WHY COULDNT YOU SEE THIS 1 YEAR IN THE FUTURE STUPIDO MAN!

Most of you TOTAL missed the whole point of this. IT WAS A JOKE! you know the type of thing where you laugh!!!. Geez and here I thought my husband was a True Star Wars Geek. But at least he reconized this for what it was a JOKE!.. Geez get a life people!

some of the serious replies to this joke make me
wonder if I even want to play a game with these people!

Wow! SWG is still months from release and the rabid fanboys are already nipping at aeon! Cleary more sarcastic posts concerning SWG will be needed to counteract this.

Ummm ... that was funny!

To you FanBois out there ... get a life. GO out in the sun. Stop drinking mountain dew and snorting pixie sticks to stay awake so you can hit the refresh button for more info on a game you haven't played yet!

5h4d0w84ne 0wn5 j00!!! 5uxx0r5!

Ironic ... isn't it?

Hey! Quit that! Dammit, I looked it up, okay?

To those flaming Aeon, let me just quote Mr. Furious: "Ooh! OK! Let's all be good little automaton droids and believe everything we hear on TV!" Or in this case on a self-serving Lucas website. The game might be great, but it still needs to be lampooned, and remember, "the best layed plans o' mice an' men oft gang a-glay"

Keep in mind the satirical nature of this thread as you read this and realize I mean no harm... ;-) In another blast from the 70's I quote the "Bookworm", villain on the Adam West version of Batman... "SCHEMES, the best-laid SCHEMES... you are graded C-minus."


--The Sigil

I loved this article when I first read it, and I'm amazed there's still active discussion on it. Needless to say, the hack-and-slash mentality of "online RPGs" will definitely exert a Dark Side influence on this noble project by Verant and Lucas.

I can already think of a few more incidents that might happen.

- Imperial Authority through the galaxy is severely questioned due to the lack of players willing to fly anything powered by Twin Ion Engines. Conversely, the supposedly struggling Rebel Alliance grows a naval fleet massive enough to conquer everything from Core to Outer Rim.

- Not content with plain vanilla PK, roving packs of Dark and "Light" Jedi organize a horrific spree of ethnic cleansings starting with Ewoks, Jawas and Gungans.

- Said roving packs of Dark and "Light" Jedi will sorely test the limits and nerves of Customer Support and Verant's creative staff by constantly innundating them with questions in the vein of "Where's the Valley of the Jedi so I can have all its powers for myself?"

- The Empire's manpower dips to an all time low, up to the point where Palpatine makes Vader sign a sworn statement not to choke new officers until they are no longer on The Endangered Species List.

- Random and pointless (and mostly PK) violence escalates to the point where Wuher the Bartender is quoted as saying "NO BL... Awww screw it, just don't hit me."

- Death Star Real Estate Market

God ... do you think the people that wrote this care about the SW:G? Or that fact they even believe it could be successfull? Who cares! It was a joke! Ligthen up! Jeez ... some of you people need to stand back and realize that the lil glass of Kool-Aid you are drinking isn't a thermo detonator.

I know it was a joke but people were saying how they wouldn't buy the game becuase of this when they don't even know how its REALLY made. I was trying to clear up that none of this is true and they have nothign to worry about.

Could have been a better artical if the writer had done a little more homework on the game. Stuff like "infiltrating the Death Star" and "killing Darth Vader" is going to be quite impossible.


I don't know which is funnier, the article or the fanboys taking themselves WAY to seriously. But considering the actions of the fanboy community, it makes me less incline to play SW:G when it does come out.


Thats the funniest stuff I read in a long while :):)


Oh boy you are still arguing about that joke Aeon made... I guess it's even funnier than I thought. But still, Kidstealth said: "Stuff like "infiltrating the Death Star" and "killing Darth Vader" is going to be quite impossible." That is exactly why I prefer tabletop RPG to online gaming. In a tabletop RPG you can always try this suicidal mission, online they won't even allow it...

Man, you need to grow up and let people enjoy the game... It's people like you who ruin it's future by being so damn pesimistic!


How can this article prevent people from enjoying the game? If nothing it gives the game publicity by having people discuss it. As for growing up... I don't know, RPGs and Videogames are not all that grown up if you ask most non-gamers. Actually most enjoyable things are not all that grown up according to those who don't enjoy them. But then growing up is highly over rated in most societies, I'm proud to be 30 year old kid at heart.

Cthulhu Matata

And to those people that think just by out lawing the use of numbers and symbols in names, along with banning some of the character's names will stop wannabe's, I present you this:

Dearth Veader
Dirth Vider
Dyrth Vyder
Dorth Vorder
Dork Vaider
Dark Vaider
Drth Vadr
Darp Vapour
Dark Vapour
D arth V ader

Hun Salo
Hand Soolo
Hin Soolow
Hen Selo
Hon Sulu
Hahn Sohlo
Haun So Long
H an So Lo

Need I go on?

And just add some more realistic choices to the above list.

Anne Solo

An So Lou

Lou K Skwaker (Ok, so that's a stretch. :) )

Ja Badahut

Or what about Mark Hamill, Carrey Fisher, or even Jeremy Bullock? :)

By saying that the game will be the BE all and END all of games, or impossible to stuff up you are just inviting Griefers to log on and prove you wrong. A much better defence would have been simply: "Everyone respects the sanctity of the Star Wars universe far too much to try and mindlessly destroy it like that. No fanboy no matter how desperate they are would ever envision themselves as a suitable replacement for Han, Leia, Vader or Luke..."

Oh hang on... I think Aeons post is the only one
meant to be a joke, better forget that last part. :)

You are all crazy. The Star Wars movie is the best and the game will be the best too.


R23p0 and Asif Manzoor .

Get a life guys, it's only a great series of movies, not a cult or a religion.

This funny post is getting way too serious. Come on, you know that any online game is bound to attract a bunch practical jokers and witty pun adepts. It's only funny to imagine the kind of ludicrous things that will happen.

And what about names from Space Balls? Galactica? and all the other Star Wars rip offs. What if a bunch of trekkies or trekkers decide to invade the game and form the federation or play Vulcan-like Jedi?

It's impossible to conceive of every twitt's idea of a joke,
I mean you could try to control everything, but why?

Cthulhu Matata!

I like the joke and the loser fanboys need to drop there force powers and come back to the real world and cotribute to reality...LOL

I am a person that looks into a game before a bash it and i think everyone has the right to bash SWG. I looked at the poll's and about 50% of the people want to be wookies, no one wanted to be anything else. About 50% of the people wanted to be Jedi, but only 1% can be jedi so there is gonna be a shit load of pissed off people. There is no since of humor at all in SWG. I am a "goofy" person when i comes to MMORPG like EQ. I was banned from EQ cause someone somehow got my password and impersonated a GM. That was 1000's of hours i put into that character and he was just deleted. I think this game is gonna be similar. First of all, Endor is suppose to be isolated from all being, but thousands of people are gonna go there to look at the ewoks, and Tatooine is suppose to be scarsly populated but, everyone is gonna be in that bar and at jabba the huts palace, just fucking around. I was reading some of the quest that players are gonna organize when the game comes out and some of the stuff they put up there was STUPID. There gonna make jedi groups and go around and kill the smugglers and bounty hunters. Then i put a stupid joke up there in the topic of everyone wants to become a jedi shit, and everyone jump on it and took it seriously. There aint no way in hell im getting that game, im going to get Dark Ages of Camelot and see how that one is. I dont know about you, but i would feel right about being an Imperial, walking through a city and getting killed with one hit by a jedi for no apperent reason.

Well, if you did get DAoC, make a Midgard character, on the Percival server.

Look for Zaax Svara, of .

I will be more than happy to assist you and accelerate your learning curve.



Zaax Svara Of Hel Maor.

Some of u guys are taking this too seriously but on the other side of it dont accuse people of being fanboy. That term is extremely overused, and come on people "get a life" that is just juvenile.

I do not like people that build their EGO on bashing or making fun about other people their hard work.

I call it cheap.


Everyone point at the sad idiots who will buy this game :/

It. Will. Suck.

Limited PvP in a universe built around combat, both in space and on planets? Hello... Earth calling stupid people.

And roleplay? Don't make me laugh. It will turn into EQ in space.

And don't f*ck with the angry Kobolds!


Just because you and I won't like it, doesn't mean some people can't enjoy it. Doesn't mean that they are stupid either.

At worst they might be naive in thinking it will be anything but EQ in space.

Cthulhu Matata

Best article I've seen in a good long while. Very funny. Pity some folks have taken it too far though.

When people get fuzzed up over little details from someone's attempt (a very good attempt at that) of a joke because they didn't "follow the FAQ" or whatever...then what's the point? It's a game for crying out loud!

A game is about having fun and escaping from the real world, if only for a little while.

Get over yourselves people (this is a shotgun blast, if it affects you then so be it, otherwise ignore it). When you become obsessed by something that's supposed to help you relax and enjoy having a little fun, then maybe you have a serious issue.

To the writer...right on point. A grain of truth in your article, and highly funny at that.


If you like starwars or have any grain of hope for this game and have verbally expressed this or are thinking it deep inside, you are beyond salvation. Goodbye

The really sad conclusion to this well intended "joke" is that a lot of people have just thought of everyway this game could suck already and it probably will now.


oh well...


I was thinking of checking the game out, but I think maybe the zealot-like player base might be too much for me.

Oh...and Verant. I forgot about them. Verant can't do anything right. Enjoy your customer support.

What never ceases to amaze me with Gamegreen is the amazing variety of the people who read the posts... Serious stolid gamers, complex-ridden neurotics, weirdos, normalos, and even trekkies. Children, relax... If you have pent-up aggression, play some CS or go try martial arts, or a gym, or sex. Leave the poor man alone.

And I feel I have to say this, because after a million comments, there still hasn't been anyone to say:



i have been following this game for a while now and i think the way the devs are handling it, it wont be filled with wookies and jedis, so relax and play it if u want, just dont run around invalidating it, cuz you have no life. try the game and if it isnt good, dont play it, and if it is good, play it. Just imagine, in 20 years, they might redo a game like this and it will be flawless.

Yeah...um...none of you know anything...GALAXIES is going to be awesome

I can't.......just.....wow.....some people....just....whew....

*walks away shaking his head*

*clears throat*

Allow me to clarify...



Get it?




At least I know I'm not as much of a geek or fanboy as I thought I might have been. That's reassuring...

I have to say, your lot are the stupidest ppl i have ever read the reviews of in a forum! *mumbles something about yankees*
That wasn't funny, that was jus complete dribble lol!
Well, simple yankee minds, simple yankee pleasures

Well... it's out...

and IT SUCKS!!!!

Who would have thought it? :-P

Review could have been funnier and crueler.

Most authentic reviews are putting this game pretty low. My main complaint from looking at it is its to "safe". Like the movies its si-fi for the puritans. I need something dark and gritty myself. For space exploration its EVE ONLINE and for fantasy its gonna be WOW.

You mean "Sci-Fi" Icabod? Cool that you mention Eve. As for SWG I wish that it was as entertaining as this article and the message board thread. Feel like I am reading the Onion. Love it.

I'm sorry. I'd be all up in this game, if it weren't for two things...Lucas' mindless adhearance to the dogma of preserving the "Universe".

The universe, already in danger by having unregulated "common people" who aren't George Lucas rewritting his stories, is not as important to the gamer as it is to the dumb **voluntarily censored** geek who can't process the fact that the EU doesn't coincide with the movies 100% of the time and have flame wars over it. I almost expect one of the forementioned geeks to say, "They can't have a PA that conquers the galaxy! That didn't happen in the movie!" Why not let us. This is assumed that "X gets up and goes to cantina and starts a fight" is not cannon.

This game still stinks, its slowly getting less buggy, PvP is dieing. Vehicles are out, mounts are out. This game still stinks.

Game is getting better, PvP is awesome, Bounty Hunters take up more skill points than any other class and kinda get screwed. There are almost NO Jedi, we are talking 10 per server, MAX. I've never seen one, and very few people have. They spend their time hiding in the who-knows-where

Game is getting better, PvP is awesome, Bounty Hunters take up more skill points than any other class and kinda get screwed. There are almost NO Jedi, we are talking 10 per server, MAX. I've never seen one, and very few people have. They spend their time hiding in the who-knows-where

The ironic thing is that none of this has happened and its almost a year after release...

Btw, PortalUser, there arent supposed to be that many jedi, watch the films again there are what but 5 or 6 plus the council throughout all of the films


the game is still buggy as it can be. on my server their are about 50-60 jedi and about 15-20 knights.the grind sucks, theyve nerfed everything but jedi. Creature handler sucks. BH cant take jedi with their BH skills unless they have crazy DoT weapons. they could have done a way better job

oh yeah and 3,4,5,9 are all wrong.. 3) there are very uber items, pikes that do 1200 damage best crafted 500, DoTs on these looted weapons can kill someone quicker than your weapon can. 4) plenty of camped places, lord nyax, axvya min, acklay. 5)I'd say about 15-20 percent are jedi 9) ATATs arent even out yet, i can kinda control my atst but if it dies its dead for good so not good when you get ganked


From the "top 20 gaming lows of 2004":

"11) Smugglers Used and Abused in Star Wars Galaxies
Back in the tail end of 2003, folks at Sony Online Entertainment promised big changes for Star Wars Galaxies for 2004, among them being the Great Civil War (GCW), combat revamp, and smugglers. The developers promised the changes would take place before the release of expansion Jump to Lightspeed, restoring peace in the Galaxy. None of them happened, instead further bashing the Smuggler profession further into the ground. Ignoring the hundreds of carefully crafted posts and suggestions, SOE implemented an Imperial scanning feature that leaves Smugglers susceptible to getting punished for carrying illegal "sliced" items--while giving Imperial Officer players a pat on the back for doing the same.

With longtime players deserting and turning servers into giant wastelands of empty vendors, SOE again released a statement at the end of 2004 promising Smuggler, GCW, and combat revamps--few are holding their breath. And Vader chills in a retreat while Jedis run wild in supposedly Imperial-controlled cities. Han and Chewy prefer cantinas."

it was good until they made jedi 2 powerful then it gots ze jaced up then they took out the 35 proffesions and its now 9 why people why WHY MUST U DO IT TO THE AMERICANS

well it did fail for diff reasons.

Galaxies gets boring as soon as you complete the legacy missions you come to realize that there is no way to decent money. Everything costs a months worth of boring missions. Space is insanely difficult for the rebel faction due to the fact that your stuck with shitty fighters like the y-wing facing tier 3 interceptors and tie fighters. The game is fun then you run out of money, then there is nothing to due but kill a few thugs and due boring terminal missions.

fuck off. galaxies is great.