Vox RPG 12 Page Sampler


there is a Voice inside your head

the Voice tells you things about the future, and the past
things about yourself, and about other people
sometimes good things, sometimes bad things
and sometimes very, very bad things

some people think you're losing your mind
but the Voice says you're not losing
the Voice says you're gaining

I have been mostly operating under the radar with Vox, but now I'm nearing publication so I thought maybe I should start telling people about my game.

A 12 page sampler of the game is now available at Scribd:


The home page (bare bones right now) is here:


Vox uses the PDQ2 game engine, which is a modified, trimmed-down, less swashbuckly version of PDQ#, which is used in the just released Swashbucklers of the Seven Skies.

Every player in the game has a persona, and every persona has (or will have) a Voice inside their head. These Voices are played by the other players, or the GM. As characters evolve and grow, they learn more about themselves and the world they're in. But the more they know, the more dangerous they are. And that's when things get interesting...

Dude, this looks frikkin awesome. What's the general price range? I am definitely interested