Around a year ago, I did an article on Dominic Heutelbeck's Visions in Color show, or ViC, wherein participants all select the same miniature and convert and paint it as desired. The success of this show inspired Harry Colquhoun to start a similar show on the 1listsculpting Yahoo group.

New computer game companies are appearing and disappearing faster than ever before. I personally have to clean out my browser "favourites" at least once a month, to eliminate useless links. Even well respected sites are often riddled with lost URLs. I have heard many complicated theories to explain the chaos of the business. Marketers speculate a move into the maturity phase of the product life cycle, and Economists figure substitutions have made the demand curve too elastic. Experts can blame oligopolies or equilibrium till the cows come home, there is always an exception to the rule.

The Visions in Color show (ViC) is an online show originated by Dominic Heutelbeck (a German miniatures painter of no small talent) and hosted on his painting website. I recently interviewed Bob Lippman, a long-time participant, Jason Moses, who's only been able to join in once, and Dominic via email to see what they had to say about this unique show.

Part 3 of our (ever-increasingly unlikely to be) 10-part series has arrived at long last. Amidst rumors of Hasbro/Wizards of the Coast shakeups that could affect the future of the d20 movement, we found the time to chat with Alex Jurkat, CEO/Editor in Chief of Eden Studios, a 4-year-old company that's heavily involved in d20 publishing.

In part 2 of our (hopefully) 10-part series, we interviewed a relative newcomer to the world of d20 publishing. We gave 20 questions to Margaret "Maggie" Vining of Better World Roleplaying, Inc., and she gave us her impression of the current state of the d20 system, and her part in the larger picture. Take a look inside Maggie's mind...

Jeff Dee is perhaps best known to fans of Villains & Vigilantes, oft recognized as one of the best Supers RPGs ever to come along. But he's much more than that; in his secret identity as a freelance designer and artist, he's also developed several other game systems, worked for TSR, and started UniGames with fellow artist and designer 'Manda. He was kind enough to lend us 30 minutes of his time.

We're interviewing 10 people involved in the creation of d20 products, from renowned game designers and publishers to the freelance writers and artists who make it all happen. We give them 20 questions. They give us a piece of their mind. Take a look inside and see what Mike Bennighof of Avalanche Press had to say.

While we get our Interview section in order, we figured we'd give you a taste of things to come via an exclusive interview with 9th Level Games, the guys behind Kobolds Ate My Baby and the forthcoming Ninja Burger role-playing game. So what do kobolds taste like? Chicken, of course.

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