Risk'n'Roll 2000 from Parker Brothers dubs itself "The Dice Game of the New Millennium". But when you can win a game with one roll, could it also have the shortest playing time around? Find out how to add Magic: The Gathering into the mix to make it a little more interesting and strategic.

I just got my most recent issue of Dragon Magazine in the mail yesterday. Being the geek that I've been for the last 20 years, I immediately sat down to read it. My wife usually refers to this as the time in which I ignore her. I think of it more as keeping up on current events. The big news in this issue is the release of the new rules for Dungeons and Dragons, as well as the return to Greyhawk as TSR's default setting. The issue came with a Demo version of the new character generator for third edition on CD-ROM. I took the generator out for a spin, and liked it.

I really wanted to like this game. Really. I tried hard. But when 23 megs of the 27 meg download are two mpeg movies, I start to wonder. Much less the fact that the multiplayer aspect forced me to restart my computer (no "Exit", no "Return to Menu", no "Ctrl-Alt-Del"). And, wait, I can't walk backwards? Huh?

If you can get past the 11 Meg download, you'll have fun with this online RPG. Realms of Kaos is a mud ("multi-user dungeon"), in essense, with a flashy display. While the screen shots would indicate that it has a different picture for each "Square" you're on, the picture doesn't change until you enter a new zone.


Being bored and hunting for new games is not a healthy mix. Because inevitably, you're going to run across some turd that just rubs you the wrong way. Enter Canopia 3.20, a Direct3D game that instantly reminds me of BugRiders for PSX. Can it be ready for a commercial project in five months, as its creator hopes? Read more to find out...

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