Most Internet game play is divided into three categories: true browser based, browser plugin based, and client based. Client based is the most predominant, plugin based comes next with Java and Shockwave creations, and true browser based is sadly last. WHY THE HELL IS IT LAST, DAMMIT!

Fusion 3.0, a Mac emulator for Windows, is now free. Retrobase has interviewed Quinntesson, the creator of AGES, a Sega Genesis/32x emulator. The complete text edition is available here. Hu-GO!, a TurboGrafx16 / PCE emulator has been ported to Windows. A beta release should be ready soon.

If you can get past the 11 Meg download, you'll have fun with this online RPG. Realms of Kaos is a mud ("multi-user dungeon"), in essense, with a flashy display. While the screen shots would indicate that it has a different picture for each "Square" you're on, the picture doesn't change until you enter a new zone.

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