More fun with Analog games is in store for those of you looking for that. Two games are featured in today's article, which is all about TRAINS! Specifically, we'll look at Ticket to Ride by Days of Wonder & TransAmerica, published by Rio Grande.

In game design terms, a game's focus is what is considered most important about the game. This article explores ideas on reasons for establishing focus and beneficial uses once it is established. An original example focus is provided for discussion and practice development.

Why aren't there sports in roleplaying games? Sports have such a huge impact on us culturally and have been played for thousands of years. So why aren't they mentioned in roleplaying games?

This is a war that lets you strap yourself into a 20 foot tall lumbering mass of metal, gears, steam pipes and pistons built around a high pressure explosive engine core and then go and pound the living crap out of a Gnome who richly deserves it.

Which Con are you going to this year? GenCon? Origins? Dundracon? How about Ziggurat Con? The latter is brand new this year, and is being held at Camp Adder/Tallil Airbase on June 9. In Iraq.


A new ideology for gaming, both play and design, based on an unusual example from the world of sports. Salacious hype or a genuine hypothesis that's time has come? You make the call.

Impressions Advertising & Marketing announced today the launch of Free RPG Day for gamers across the country. The in-store event will be celebrated Saturday, June 23rd.

Sharing some thoughts on analyzing games and game forms in the pursuit of honing design skills and improving end results. Come review the ideas and share some of your own!

A man named Robert Boyd is accused of stealing lingerie -- bras, panties, and stockings -- at knifepoint from a lingerie store in Belfast. Or maybe it wasn't a man, but an elf shaman named Beho, and maybe it wasn't a knife, but a magical sword, and maybe it wasn't a theft, but a Shadowrun.

Old Kingdom Games is pleased to announce that it has launched its online developer diary this week with a couple of introductory articles concerning the upcoming Libellus Ultra (artwork) and Bronze Gods (d20 system Prestige Classes).

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