A man named Robert Boyd is accused of stealing lingerie -- bras, panties, and stockings -- at knifepoint from a lingerie store in Belfast. Or maybe it wasn't a man, but an elf shaman named Beho, and maybe it wasn't a knife, but a magical sword, and maybe it wasn't a theft, but a Shadowrun.

Old Kingdom Games is pleased to announce that it has launched its online developer diary this week with a couple of introductory articles concerning the upcoming Libellus Ultra (artwork) and Bronze Gods (d20 system Prestige Classes).

An appendix is a sometimes used portion near the back of a book. It is also an organ which has no apparent use or function. This article is about the second kind.

Last time I promised adventures, so here's the first one. This political adventure takes place in the quiet rolling foothills, where the halflings live. Cut off from the rest of the world by mountains to the West, a great forest to the North and the unforgiving Sea to the South and East, the land is peaceful and unspoiled. This tranquil realm has been largely untouched by the war raging on the other side of the mountains... until now.

A look at the process of coming up with ideas for games and adventures, both new and in progress. Come discuss starting points, things to consider in building on ideas and methods to improve the overall mesh for optimum results.

ENWorld and Old Kingdom Games have teamed up to celebrate the upcoming launch of Bronze Gods - the second d20 System setting book in OKG's Campaign Gems series. How are they celebrating? By giving away freebies in a treasure hunt exclusive to ENWorld.

The fourth part of a series of "How-I" articles. This specific article covers what I (as a GM) determine regarding magic and weapons, before the players get their hands on the issue. If you cater to power-gamers and munchkins, this is not for you. If you think your last campaign got shorted becasue of the firepower available, this might help the next time around. "How-to" implies that there is a best way. There might be, and this might be it, or maybe not. This is how I do it.

One of the most interesting aspects of the new Chaosium line-up is the monographs, freelance tape-bound splatbooks detailing a very specific setting within a game. But do they help or hinder the actual creative development of the game itself?

A nostalgic look back at early play and pondering the making of a gamer. Where did it all start? Where could it all go? Come share your early gaming experiences and help unravel the mysteries of play.

It's a Friday night after a long week that was both physically and mentally challenging. What better way to start your weekend than with a new system and a bunch of newbies (myself included). The system was Risus, a system where the only goal is humor, and where anything goes.

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