This may come as a shock for those of you who know me or those of you who are familiar with my work, but I like horror. Horror in all its forms, with the exception of lame ass slasher flicks, is something I just really dig. When it comes to my tastes in gaming there's no difference: I just love to freak the shit out of my players.

I'm 15th level. . . now what?

I love level one characters. Love them. Imagine how much you love leveling up in your game of choice. Masterwork that feeling and add a +2 bonus to hit, and that's about how much I love role-playing level one characters. Why, you may mumble incoherently into your computer screen? There are many reasons, one of which is the ideal that players should overcome obstacles with their intellect, tenacity, audacity or luck, not their magical items.

The group's assembled, but you don't have an adventure prepared for them. What to do? Rather than ripping off the plot of some movie or book that everyone has already seen, turn away from the bookshelf and head over to your CD shelf. It's time for a little Rock and Role-Playing.

While your character may be an extremely useful tool for self reflection and growth, the real beauty of the game as a tool for growth is neither we nor our characters are isolated. Our characters interact with other PCs and NPCs and we interact with the GM and other players. Like all groups, there are certain dynamics that take place in the gaming group.

Once upon a time, the gaming world was far different. Once upon a time, the worlds were bright and colorful. Once upon a time, Good was Good and Evil was Evil. Now, that world is gone.

In this film, the main actors play themselves not only in the real world, as geeky gamers, but as the noble characters they are role-playing within the game. It's a brilliant concept, and one wonders why it hasn't been done before now. Considering overall entertainment value, the sheer amount of extras included with the DVD, and the fact that I laughed till I cried even on a fourth viewing, I can do no less than give The Gamers the highest rating possible.

This is a very special announcement here on Gamegrene. Would the owner of the car with registration plate T15 RQX please come immediately to the parking lot? Oh, and we're also starting up a new multiplayer wiki-based world-creation game for everyone to play. It's called Ghyll. Ghyll is only defined by entries in an encyclopedia, and it's the players' responsibilities to write that encyclopedia. There are four rules.

Whereas the other Gaming DVDs I've reviewed take occasional sharp pokes at themselves, the 60-minute-long Dungeons & Dragons Experience has no such silly laugh-out loud moments. This is a serious documentary which approaches the issue from a more scholarly point of view. Which is not to say that it's less entertaining -- far from it. It may very well be my favorite of the lot.

I feel I must say it takes quite a bit to shock me, but now that I have read the entirety of The Book Of Erotic Fantasy published by Valor Project, Inc. I am shocked. What I am shocked about is not the presence of exposed breasts, the usage of the word "fuck" or the presence of devices known as cock rings (these are all things I am already pretty familiar with) but the fact that the sexual content is handled in a mature manner suitable for game use.

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