Do you use our gaming news aggregator? Why not?


I come here more for the interesting content then a source of news. Honestly I feel that i get my fill of gaming related news elsewhere and thus never really look at it here. That is not to say that the news aggregator is bad, I just don't use it.


I pull the RSS feed from the site for the articles, and when I'm here, I will usually check the gaming news to see what's out there.

But that's just my $0.02 worth.

I use my RSS aggregator for following the gg articles (I _love_ your articles). Any other gaming news I want, I just use their feeds in my aggregator too.

If you're interested, the RSS feeds that are powering the Gamegrene aggregator are available in an OPML format that most aggregators can import for you. And if you're reading sources that you don't see in our listing, certainly drop 'em here and I'll consider adding 'em for everyone else.

I use "Recent Posts".

[Scans Aggregator]

I'm plain not interested in most of what I see there.


Which is what? Game theory or the electronic related junk?