Would you play a forum-based ("play by post") game?


For those interested in running one, contact me at morbus@disobey.com.

i was actually thinking about doing this is my group's gaming forum, but i'm not sure how it would work.

I actually already run a forum-based roleplaying game over at http://LateNightGames.com (two even!) where I have many friend and a wife who play. That particular game is more of a "literary" style roleplaying but I'd more than willing to run a more rule-based game as well.

Depends on the rules system. Always depends on the rules system.
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Everytime I look at one of these Play-by-Post games the GM wants the players to virtually commit to daily posts. Who has that amount of time???

Nobody has that amount of time. Nobody except out of work losers, that is (j/k!). But realistically we ask that players write something at least every two weeks. In reality it comes off more like once a month.

Granted, we are more of an "interactive story" than a true role-playing game; a typical entry can be 6-8 pages in Word. A "collab" session which is our term for a live role-playing session done through chatrooms can run about 5-6 hours and generate a 12-page post.

For a rule-based or turn-based gmae a post a week seems like a reasonable amount of time. For a more epic or literary game a post every 2-3 weeks seems more likely. Both of those games should feaure a monthly (at least) session live in a chat where huge chunks of storyline or combat are resolved. This keeps the story moving and makes for a more interesting tale.

The other part of our (loosely termed) game is that we as players take a decided interest in each other's lives. We feel more like a group of tabletop gamers becasue we know each other so intimately. Heck! I married one of the players and at least two other romances have started among the group.

I don't know if this is just because of the nature of a BBS type game (where we basically vomit up info about ourselves onto the board) or if it is just us.

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I'm no good at PBP games. I forget about them, put off posting... same with email games. I stick to IRC because my ADD-addled brain can handle the game in a more immediate mode.

Ive run a few now and pretty much the same thing happens everytime, a few of the players get anal about it and a few just pop in and out on a whim. They are are a lot of work for little reward (i mean you seldom get any apreciation for doing them but often get moaned at, but moanings good too, it means they actually care enough to complain)
Having said that, id do it again.


I am personally a devoted pen and paper guy, I love the idea however and would love to play...time is the issue. Between my job(HA!) in the Army and raising three kids by myself, I am strapped for that elusive concept.....I would however love to be an extra, kind of a drop in guy...so would everyone else right?
I do alot of "character roleplaying" (think character actor) and it tends to sometimes be visual, but what the hell, I think I could pull it off with a couple key strokes.....

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Origainlly, our play-by-BBS site was divided into the Site (for the public) and the Forum (for the players) and we were very exclusive about entry. We didn't allow anyone to become a member unless they were playing in the game.

The analogy is the same as if you had a gaming group, would you allow people to come and just sit? Especailly strangers? So we played it that way for thre years now.

Recently we decided to open the door and see if we could get new members. Anyone can come and see, chat, make friends and read the game. But onlythose who are playing can play in the seperate sandbox. This is sort of like the relationship between Gamegrene and Ghyll.

We are going to see how it goes. Wish us luck. Or better yet, come and see for yourself. http://latenightgames.com/labynight/forum

I drafted some notes about a Ghyll Play-by-Post game as well and would be interested in hearing your feedback on that too. Would you like to play a game like that? Does that seem to fit your idea of a fun time?

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Hi I would, Arenlor is a name that I created for RPGs, I sent you an email from jslycett2003. It would take to long to explain what Arenlor is but it is a male, Arenlore on the otherhand is a female.

If you like play by post games, and you have the time an dedication to play them. Then you should check out www.metaldream.cjb.net, i have looked on the site, and although I don't have the time or dedication to play one of these types of rpgs. This one is very well thought out and well planned for, so if your gonna join up be prepared to put some time and effort into your posts.

If it isn't overkill..... it's underkill!

I like Play By Post games. I am running one on www.roleplayinggames.net ; X Marks The Spot. It's been going for a year now. PbP are very slow, but I like how you can add much more in what your character is doing and in the how.

I've been playing and DMing for over 15 years. I like gaming no matter how it's packaged :)

I've never played anything but Play by Post games! I am a tabletop and graphics virgin. My sole, gaming experience is Play by Post and I've been doing it for 4 years next month! (Grin)

I also run a Play by Post game that has been in action since last Oct and it has been pretty successful so far. Check out the link below: