You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike


I sit down and scry, using the most broken scrying interpretation I can trick my GM into allowing.

Just kidding...I spin around till dizzy and stumble in a random direction.

Disbelieve everything.

No fair because it completely depends on what your intentions were to begin with.

Light brass lantern. Gotta keep the grues away.

Follow the heaps of bodies to the entrance or to the adventurers.

This is wierd. The adventure I'm playing in is currently inside a maze. Compasses don't work and the walls constantly change. And, of course bodies of dead adventurers are everywhere. >.< I hate my GM.

-Mr. Rogers is pissed-

how do i know which way is north?
and why go north when I have a perfectly good square of comfortable flagstone right here?

"This is my scrap of nowhere. You go on and find yer own."

-Captain Malcolm Reynolds, of Firefly fame

Hah! freaking Zork.
"You cannot go up the stairs, for they are endless."

You are carrying:
-A brass lantern (providing light)
-A sword
-A useless trinket


You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike.
There is a useless trinket here.

I don't know the word "aaaarghhh!!!".

I must be in maze (01) then.
It's quite rude of them to make a maze in which some directions lead back to the room you started in. Not to mention the bits where the passageway turns between rooms and doesn't tell you.