Least-anticipated movie sequel of the year:


I went with RE4, not because all the answers are not really close in my lack of anticipation, but becasue I wasn't aware they had made RE2 or 3 and haven't seen 1. I've also never seen a good movie based on a game, and seldom a good game based on a movie.

Where's the originality? And don't get me started on reality TV.

How about Most Anticipated?

Mine would be the Dragonlance animated film... which will go straight to video, sadly.

Sorry I would have to say Austin Powers, enough is enough already.

Not in Hollywood. Jason X. Rocky (VI) Balboa. Batman (5?). Star Trek whatever. Starwars Episode 1.

Hollywood doesn't know the meaning of the word quit. They never looked it up.

The differance there is that (except rocky) those movies totally rule!!! Austin Powers is just dumb.

I would actually like to see Austin Powers 4.

Sorry, I just saw the trailer for this thing and trust me, it warrants the poll manipulation.

George Lucas was planning a total of 9 Star Wars movies from the beginning - that's why A New Hope says "Episode IV" at the start.
Given how poorly the prequel trilogy went, let's hope that they'll never make those last three.

Hmmm ... there must be something wrong with my browser, it didn't display the Epic Movie option until now.