What fantasy series would you like to see as an RPG?


I voted HP because I do believe it would bring more people into the hobby. Really all it needs is a defined magic system and almos tnay other game can handle the rest. A nice cyclopedia of the wizardly things would be great, but not really necessary.
I hated Thomas Covenant, and am completely unaware of the other 2.

Harry Potter is the only one I've heard of on this list

As fun as all the others are, what would be a freakin' awesome RPG is the Darktower series. There are so many directions that it could go that it would never get boring or old.

I don't like anything on this list for roleplaying. I'd second the Dark Tower series though. I'd also like to see Tad William's Memory, Sorrow, Thorn (bet you didn't see THAT coming;-). Other good works would include BattleStar Galactica and Heroes, both TV shows. The King's Blades series, the Seventh Sword series, and a new Lord of the Rings and Star Wars would be nice.

I'm currently watching heroes, and I like it a lot.
However, I didn't find the setting especially interesting. The plot is very good, the characters and their interactions are interesting, but the setting? Pretty standard, IMO.

I would love to see China Mieville's New Crobuzon books in there. It's a fantastic world, a fresh take, and the author himself has an appreciation for the activity. Perdido Street Station, The Scar, and The Iron Council.

I'm actually contemplating a Darktower-esque campaign for my next between-fantasy-campaign. I like to run something non-fantasy between each fantasy campaign to reset myself and harvest new ideas.

The current campaign I'm running takes place in such a time period in my setting where firearms and cannons are profuse, and a swashbuckling/pirate campaign has rapidly become a shootemup-gunfighter-campaign, LOL. I was going to use the d20 Past and d20 Apocolypse sourcebooks for d20 Modern to build it out.

But, to be concise, if I could see any fantasy series done as a campaign setting it would be Michael Moorcock's Multiverse. Not only would it contain the Elric/Earl Aubec type stuff, but also the crossover work he did with Dreamthiefs Daughter, The Skrayling Tree, etc. I'd stop short of wanting any of the Chaos Engineer stuff though. All of those stories were a little around the bend for me. Having Raynard the Fox as a recurring NPC would just be waaaay too cool.

I second this.