Most anticipated MMO?


Gods and Heroes: Not going near another S.O.E. game for the time being. Like ... in this lifetime. "Oh, yeah. Oooh, ahhh, that's how it always starts. Then later there's the ranting and the screaming."

Warhammer Online: Dark Age of Camelot Redux only this time with E.A. in the picture ... y-e-a-h. Didn't their CEO recently make a statement they were making complex and boring games? Not a good sign.

Wolfquest : Now this sounds like something for the gamer sick of the typical. ;-) It is the most refreshing concept I've seen since The Endless Forest. And both a PC+ and Mac+ game. Awesometastic.

Age of Conan : Hyborian Adventures, AoC:HA? It looks like another processor-choking eye-candy bonanza ... that probably isn't much more than a hack-n-slash for levels. But it is going to be designed so players can "solo to level 80. Let that sink in. Level 80. Ha!

My most anticipated is U.G.G., although it may be a lowercase "m" or two in the Massively-Multiplayer description.

how about "none"?
I really fail to be excited by any of these.


Stargate MMO coming from Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment :>

Stargate looks to be in early, early development.

What about Wurm Online? Oh wait, this is already in Gold. Hmm, no, none.

Hmmm, wonder if Wurm's technology will perform like they expect. With a free account option and premium accounts going for EU5 a month it might be worth looking into anyway. The link:

By the way, there's been an update on G&H:
"Perpetual Entertainment has replaced SOE's Platform Publishing as the official publisher of Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising. Previously, the two companies had been in a co-publishing agreement. SOE Senior Brand Manager Debysue Wolfcale characterized the move as clarification of the actual roles each company play in the development of the game. SOE continues to handle marketing and retail distribution for the title, the same roles they held before this move."

Curiouser and curiouser ...

And I'm also curious why no one has ventured except that it has an S.O.E. connection ...