Best thing about D&D 4e?


Ah, Aeon...I scared my wife laughing at this.

But, but, rope tricks rule!

I'm with you on that one!!! Rope tricks saved us from a dragon last time I played.

err... are we talking about:
A) Use Rope skill
B) Rope Trick spell


I think articles on established homebrew systems, adventures and tabletop related ideas would be more than welcome. I'd certainly be interested and there are silent masses lurking about like dark matter that would change the very rotation of the galaxy to get a better peek at your world and experiences.

Waht's with all the hate? Gnomes are fun and cool. Although, I prefer their natural enemy (kobolds) by a longshot.

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How very odd...this is my post from a different thread (The World According To Scott Free).

Ack! I've been doppleganged!!!

That part about getting rid of Sorcerer's better not be true. Wizards suck - who wants to play some old guy who sat around reading books all his life. Besides, having magic in your blood has so many cool ideas you can build on. They better have Sorcerers!
Gnomes are cool, too, but Lidda's lame (don't think I care much for halflings...).

You better be careful what you say becaue you could very easily end up being a lame old man who read books his entire life. ;)

Admittedly, having magic in your blood is cool, but there are so many paths you can travel with having to learn everything you know. There could be some awesome character histories with wizards.

Yeah - but Sorcerer's are still cooler. It's just personal preference - magic becomes cheap when anybody can just get a big book and say random words with random guestures and presto! a fireball. I mean, one of the many magical items in the DMG should be called "A Dummy's Guide to Wizardry - Guaranteed Spell-Slinging in 3 Days or You're Money Back!"
it's all cheap like that.

Since the Warlock no gamer I know has wanted to make a Sorcerer. I've always thought the Sorcerer was cooler than the Wizard though.

I don't like the warlock - he's super limited. I agree, the Sorcerer is a much cooler concept. However, I think the 3.5 Sorcerer is weaker than the wizard, and got screwed over there. So I made a new one that I think balances it out, and also gives the Sorcerer his own identity instead of being just a variant wizard really. I hope they fix it in 4th ed.