Every week, I play WOW...


I hate WoW. It's true, you can't blame the game for the crap people do with it, but it's designed specifically to be so addicting. It really does screw people over.

And it's retarded.

What he said.

Alright 57% 0-5!

Yes, but the 20% who play 21+ hours per week is scary!

Man! I can't imagine playing almost entire days worth of
computer game every week. Everyone of these people is going to be a horrible munchkin when if they ever play D&D, that or their pissant attention spans will never be able to stomach the game, sad.

Or they know how to separate playing styles. When I play computer and video games, I am a total everything-hog. I go after every single thing I can find in the game, especially experience. I love to go into the bad guy's place and pwn because I spent forever boosting my xp. I try to get most every item, visit every corner of the globe (or galaxy) and exhaust every potential story avenue. However, in roleplaying, I'm more constrained by reality, so I make my choices more intelligently, also with more of an eye of my character. I play video games to have fun and discover worlds, with, hopefully, some good character interaction. I play roleplaying games to have fun and investigate character types and tell interesting stories myself. Their very different experiences, though, admittably, recent video games are changing aspects of that. However, they'll never be indistinguishable.

If someone has the time and inclination to play WoW, let them. Just don't let it get in the way of actually living!

Thats good, but I'm talking about people who have never even player a
Non-C RPG.