I'd play-by-post 4E's Keep on the Shadowfell


For those who chose "Yes, sign me up", leave a note in the comments; I'm considering attempting a PBP of 4E rules (or, at least, some of 'em), just to see how possible it is (compared to, say, the forthcoming pay-only, PC-only Game Table application, where I'll probably run some other adventure, P1 perhaps, to try it out too.)

I freaking AM gazgurk!

But I would if there was a non corperate greedified SRD for 4e

Morbus, I'm interested, depending on the time commitment involved.

If it happens, it'd probably be a required post twice a week, but I'm open to alternative suggestions.

Thats not too bad. Two posts a week I can do. Count me in.

Two posts is cool for me, too. Sounds like fun! I never played the original classic Keep on Shadowfell. Unless I'm just putting my foot in my mouth concerning a like named classic that I've never played either. So, if I am indeed talking around my foot, none of you have played the classic either!

BTW, the Gazgurk touch was great, Morbus. lol

So, are you with Gazgurk, then?

Sort of. I won't deny that I dislike the changes forth has brought about. Neither will I deny that I am a bit curious about them.

I does my heart good to see some recognition.

Can do, depending on how long and involved a post needs to be.

Tzuriel, since I think the Shadowfell is a new invention of 4E, might you be referring to Keep on the Borderlands?

So, I got the book and have been taking a look at the reviews of other people who have run it already. Nearly everyone is suggesting that miniatures (or markers of some sort) and the battlemaps are a good thing, not because they make Wizards money, but because combat moves a lot more than it has in the past, and a lot of feats and powers involve forced movement and changing positions. So, if I were to run a PBP of this (and I'm still considering it, after flipping through the books), I think I'd end up making a proxy map to be pasted inline in the forum comments, with everyone mapped out, etc.

Annoyingly, the very first thing you'd do in this adventure (and I don't consider this an spoiler so much as a "warning", so for the players who expressed an interest in playing, don't worry about it) is a combat encounter, which means the first salvos in the PBP could also be its last. I fear the combat taking a month to resolve (assuming two posts a week), or just otherwise killing this RPG adventure before any RP actually happens.

That was the one! Something about a keep, you know...they're all the same anyway! lol, it totally cracks me up that my brain just died right there, but that's life, you know? So, yes, I was referring to that old classic.

Yeah, that's definetely a worry. You might just want to further Wizards efforts and streamline combat to something really quick. That's what I would suggest when running a game not actually around a table. If you wanted, it might be a good idea to all get one of those long distance roleplaying thingies and just set a particular time during the week we get together. I know this would be very difficult, however, especially with zip being in Israel (I think) and most of the people on this site being older and holding down jobs (can't tell your boss you won't come in on thursdays). If we wanted to try that, I could do it, but I doubt it'll happen.

I'll stick around for the combat as long as you promise to make it exciting by describing it in great, wordy detail!

Yeah, I doubt it'd happen too, especially since I wouldn't be able to show up myself :D. Ideally, I would like to try out the combat "the Wizards way", at least once, before thinking about how to streamline it.

I am Gazgurk, and so is my wife!