Best Bruce Wayne?


Probably calling out my age here (or my stupidity) but...who's West?

Adam West. The original Batman (from the TV series). Damn whippa snappas.

Where the heck is Lewis Wilson? Damn Whippa Snappas!

Added Wilson. who's Lewis Wilson? And as for Adam West, are talking the animated series or that horrible 60s television show?

damn...old people ;)

Wilsons the Original TV Batman from the 40s, quite a racist too. But America was at war with Japan, Whadda you gonna do?

And West is from the Live Action one, not the animated one.


don't know my batmans, I guess. Well, then, why isn't the batman from the animated series up there? that's quite a famous series, you know.

There were probably too many voice actors and animators to name.

OOOOooooOOH, Someone voted Clooney. MMM Bat-Nipples.

Keaton's got Bat-eyebrows!

Isn't that West?

Michael Keaton was by far the best Batman. However, Christian Bale is in the best Batman movies. Imagine Michael Keaton (in his younger years) as the lead in Batman Begins and Dark Knight. Give the man some credit, he WAS Batman... Bale is just lucky.

Amd no one else comes close.

I disagree. I liked Michael Keaton as BATMAN, but he was a horrible Bruce Wayne. Bale does really good at bringing out both, particularly with the central theme of both Batman movies that Bruce Wayne is the real mask. Bale captures the darkness of the character, the rage and the desperation, better than anyone else yet. Also, the approach to Batman is different. Michael Keaton was much more rigid than Bale is. Bale's Batman is more fluid, more shadowy (the way I like him), which wasn't very much like Michael Keaton at all.

They both did well, though. Dark Knight is amazing!

Keaton, hands down. He played a distracted and slightly brooding bruce Wayne. Emphasis on the distracted. Unable to focus on anything but the bat except in the most temporary ways. Bale just broods, and that's batmans job.

Bale captures the kissy-mouth of Wayne, that's all. A doorknob would have more roleplaying skills.

Bale's Bruce Wayne was spot on. I loved the way he presented himself as a party boy to protect his identity. Bruce Wayne is supposed to brood. He's a very troubled man.

Tim Burton's Batman films have not aged well. They were comedies, and the actors played their roles broadly. I admit to being a huge fan on those movies when they were new, but now they just seem dated. Part of that is has to do with Tim Burton's art direction. His style has become so predictable, obvious and pedestrian that it's lost it's former quirky charm.

I will, however, second the Animated Series as the best depiction of Bruce Wayne/Batman. Of all the various interpretations, the cartoon best captured the spirit of the character.