What should we name our mascot?


Gamey -- as in the Dung Beetle that smells kind-of gamey; like the smell of gangrene; like the predisposition towards games. It works on many levels.

Good one Aeon!

One more for Gamey. It sounds fun, but like Gil pointed out it has more than one level of meaning. If I met a beetle named Gamey I'd invite him round for a pint.

Go, Gamey, go!

I actually like Don. It leaves a homestyle, friendly feel. Just like gamegrene.

Mmm. how about something edgy and nasty to reflect how badass we are, something along the lines of Shitface.


I liek Doitzel. Just like this site, it's a wierd, rensty kind of thing that soem people "jsut don't get" and otehrs find totally entertaining.

Happily yours,

I vote Greeny, since, well the site is green. The name is green, sort of (grene is green, right?). Plus, it reminds me of the "Eek! the Cat" episode" about Old Greenie.