Which candidate would you most like to role-play with?


Hey, Can't it be my favourite write in cantidate Asshead McButthole or his running mate Dingleberry

I picked McCain. And I'd run Palladium's 1982 flop Recon.

None of the above. I choose General Zod.


Or you could run Call of Cthulhu with Cthulhu himself!

Cthulhu-Cheney 08!

Come on people! Palin would be terrible at RPGs. She'd be constantly stressing about her kids and going off subject, and she'd never read the rules. At first, everyone would be all "Cool! A girl! And she's purty!" but after about two hours at the table with her, everyone will be itching to leave. I wouldn't even want to play charades with this one.

McCain would probably make a good role-player, especially if you were playing a military-themed game like Twilight 2000. He'd love it. I imagine McCain probably has a room full of military miniatures in his mansion and he probably builds WWII dioramas. I'll bet he's even dabbled in strategic war-games.

Obama, much as I like the guy and plan on voting for him, just doesn't really have that certain 'role-player spirit'. If he played, he'd play to win, and he'd totally be a rules lawyer. Obama would be a great Scrabble opponent.

Biden could be a fun player, but you'd have to convince him. His inner-jock will think it's dorky or kid's stuff. But if you can get him going, I think he'd get into it. Biden strikes me as a poker player.

Now, Al Gore... that guy is a role-player through and through.

Well said. You should give us political commentary through the lens of roleplaying from now on. It would be highly entertaining.

Obama as a rules lawyer...lol

I wander randomly around the interweb while taking a break from writing campaign stuff and just came across this. Thought it fit the topic and that some people would get a kick out of it.