Megaton is...


I voted "Nothing to me", but I expect to change that as soon as I play Fallout 3...

I am so confused...if only I had a system! wo is me!

The name of a hammer Link th Elf gets in one of those old Zelda games.

@Tzuriel: system?

I think he means video game system; everyone I know that doesn't have one is full of chagrin now that Fallout 3 is out. I know I myself am pining for next week when I can afford to buy that and Fable II.

I am enjoying Fallout 3 on my PC and I can't imagine playing it on a console system.

If only I had a PC good enough to play that game on! wo is me!

I can't stand PC gaming for some reason. I need to lean back on the couch and stare into the wonders of 52 inches of plasma goodness. I know I could plug my computer into the wall-o-screen, but I'm a console gamer from waaaaay back (the woodgrain Intellivision) and I've just never enjoyed playing on a computer.

A girl that works for me has been playing it till 5am everyday and still showing to work on time somehow. I'm jealous; first because I don't have it yet, and second because I can't stay up that late and still function the next day anymore.

Well, I'm mainly a PC gamer and can only stand console gaming if it's playing with other people: I'm playing Lego Indiana Jones with my wife and I intend to do the same with Fable 2, when it arrives. Also, the main reason I bought consoles was the music games (PS2 for Guitar Hero and Xbox360 for rock band [which I can't play because I bought an NTSC-J console by mistake])

As of last night, it's Home. So I changed my vote. Too bad Simms wasn't around to see it though; as his son said, it would have made him happy.