Game Masters


When the GM smiles, run for your life! He's up to no good. If he flashes you a grin and starts to fold his GM screen, it's over! You might as well start picking up the pizza boxes and those 2 liter bottles of soda with just a thin layer of backwash on the bottom. This article is going to be a "top 5" signs of a cruel GM.

The muzak where I work plays a rather odd selection of music. I was grumpily doing my job earlier this week when I was assaulted by a tune from the early 80's. The song was the theme song to the television series "The Greatest American Hero". For the uninitiated, let me fill you in.

In a sense, the Rosebaon (pronounced "rose-bay-own") is a true rarity - a group of men, women, and creatures with the overwhelming desire to spread evil in all its natural glory. Naturally, groups like this don't last long - they can't trust each other with sharing world domination. Because of their ego and insane desire, they are relatively simple for PC's to pick off one by one. No more Evil Corporation, happy worlds once again, cue the sickly sweet music.

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