An appendix is a sometimes used portion near the back of a book. It is also an organ which has no apparent use or function. This article is about the second kind.

I loved the 3rd ed. GURPS Character Assistant and couldn't wait to try out the new one with all the 4th edition rules. I finally got it and tried it out. This is what I thought of it...

It was a fairy tale beginning. The fair, young maiden, who had been taught all the wifely skills of the time, was abducted by a horrible ogre from her rustic rural village... The result is a (mostly) useful NPC with stats for GURPS 3rd edition, though it could be easily converted to most other systems. Designed for Fantasy games, but again easily converted.

This campaign setting is a bit different from most in that it does not revolve around a location or a time or even a mood. It can, in fact, change from film to film. The campaign could go from action to comedy to drama to horror and back again. It is the world of the movies. Some GURPS 3rd material can be found near the end.

So, you're heading for the Northlands are you? Well sit down, let me tell you a few things you'll be glad to know, and I'm not talking about the white behemoths or the ice trolls. Everyone who's ever heard a nursery rhyme knows plenty about all that. I'm talking about the toughest people you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting. It's a tribe from the furthest Northwoods, as told by a veteran of the troll wars (and a character for GURPS 3rd edition).

Powergaming, or "munchkinism", is a common complaint among players and GM's alike. Powergaming is accused of turning the role-play into "roll-play", lowering the worth of other player characters, and overall making the game less fun. But is powergaming really as bad as it is made out to be? Is it truly even bad at all?

In my last article I gave to you the Player's section of GURPS Triage and now the completion of the article: the Gamemaster's section. I hope you all enjoy.

tri*age n.: sorting and allocating need on the basis of need for or likely benefit from medical treatment.Welcome to GURPS Triage, a game of high stress and drama in a medical environment. You may be asking yourself: "Why a medical drama as an RPG?" Well, my only response to that is, because I thought it might be neat, that's why.

With the release of GURPS WWII, more campaigns than ever are based around soldiers, and an increasing number of players are stepping into the combat boots of military characters. One of the hallmarks of army life is the chain of command: the strict hierarchy of rank that determines every soldier's place and fate in the world. By contrast, most gaming groups interact as democracies (if not anarchies) and placing one PC above the rest is an unusual dynamic.

The muzak where I work plays a rather odd selection of music. I was grumpily doing my job earlier this week when I was assaulted by a tune from the early 80's. The song was the theme song to the television series "The Greatest American Hero". For the uninitiated, let me fill you in.

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