The Weekly Noun


Most of the previous "weekly noun" articles at Gamegrene have focused on things that your characters might have but which players and GMs don't always include for whatever reason. Mine, however, is a little different. It looks at a background element that every character, by definition, must have, but that for whatever reason gets forgotten more than one would think. It's family.

With Space already covered, it makes sense to next discuss Time. The two can, after all, be considered aspects of the same space-time concept. Time is an important factor in any role playing game, because it is a constant element of our existence, and like space, it forms the framework within which we live.

This week's noun is space, the distance between all the other nouns in your game. Having an accurate understanding of the space your game takes place in is very important if you want to keep your game realistic. It can also lead to some very interesting situations if the GM is aware of space and the silly players are not.

The opening episode of The Weekly Noun breaks free of the leash, covering characters and their pets. You don't need a license to read this column, and always feel free to adopt these stray ideas into your gaming sessions. The Weekly Noun is guaranteed housebroken.

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