World of Firmel


It was during the empire of the First Reign, It covering the known world at the time. That the 23rd of Delanmer, the winter solstice of the Oldernel calendar was declared the official rebirth of the year and the day of Mortnel et Blancer, the Darkest Night.

In the year 1018, S.E at the age of sixteen, Her Imperial Majesty, princess Delanna Cemarlin, ascended to the Coral Throne. Greentips had struck the city of Oldern without warning, swiftly entering the palace killing the imperial family and servants. The princess was the youngest child of the Imperial House to survive. Her only hindrance to the throne came from Houses Eldgrimur and Telwren; they tried unsuccessfully to persuade her illegitimate half brother, Rheath Aevar to declare himself Emperor.

The fantasy world of Firmel is a free-style campaign in progress. This column will be used to create an updating campaign world, usable for most D&D style RPGs. In this, the first column, a detailed description of a ravaging disease known as "greentips": It is believed that the first instance of greentips occurred 1009, S E. (Second Era) in the city of Dryander. Trappers and hunters of the exotic animals and elves in the Resemar Forest noticed loss of sensitivity and blood circulation in their extremities.

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