Our heroic priest of the Goddess of the Hearth, having just arrived in a capitol city far from his home is invited to enjoy a feast... only to discover later that the feast is the annual rededication to the God of Hedonism! An in-depth look at holidays (HolyDays), the Gods that promote them, and religious characters.

We play games to win, but even RPGs that have no clear winner offer some motivation to play them -- advancing our characters, and not getting them killed in the process, is our competition. How do we go about the process of finding a strategy that wins?

The word "Selling" is boldfaced and blue on the cover of The Indie Developer's Guide to Selling Games, making it abundantly clear that it's the emphasis of the book. To that end, the book stays away from everything that drifts away from the topic of selling; you won't find advice here on how to design a mascot, or how to create game levels that will keep players coming back for more. You will, however, learn a lot about how best to market your game to the public, both before and after you've actually created it.

What do you do when you slip up while running a game? What do you do when you forget to have the PCs meet up with a certain NPC, or find a certain item and it's too late to go back and introduce them? What do you do when your NPCs don't remember the PCs or when you forget to figure out what the mystery machine DOES when the characters finally activate it?

It was a fairy tale beginning. The fair, young maiden, who had been taught all the wifely skills of the time, was abducted by a horrible ogre from her rustic rural village... The result is a (mostly) useful NPC with stats for GURPS 3rd edition, though it could be easily converted to most other systems. Designed for Fantasy games, but again easily converted.

It's nice and trite to say that all games begin with an idea or concept, but where does the idea or concept come from? What magic potion must one drink to BE a game designer? The fact is, if you have ever played a game and changed a rule, for whatever reason, you already ARE a game designer.

I visited a debate forum and someone asked the question, "What is wrong?" What is ethically or morally wrong and how do we decide this? Murder is wrong, but can you say why, without resorting to the Ten Commandments or other religious texts, or just saying that it's against the law or society? And how does this apply to gaming?

This campaign setting is a bit different from most in that it does not revolve around a location or a time or even a mood. It can, in fact, change from film to film. The campaign could go from action to comedy to drama to horror and back again. It is the world of the movies. Some GURPS 3rd material can be found near the end.

For the past five years, I've been involved in a little thing known as Play By Post gaming (hereafter known as PBP), and now it is my great honor to introduce you to this new, wonderful, and amazingly-inexpensive way to play.

Gamegrene would like to experiment with a forum-based play-by-post game here on the website. Although we are open to having multiple games running if interest is there, for starters we would like to do a trial run to see how it all goes. Gamegrener Lorthyne and myself are interested in running a game using the new Ninja Burger 2nd Edition RPG rules.

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