So, you're heading for the Northlands are you? Well sit down, let me tell you a few things you'll be glad to know, and I'm not talking about the white behemoths or the ice trolls. Everyone who's ever heard a nursery rhyme knows plenty about all that. I'm talking about the toughest people you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting. It's a tribe from the furthest Northwoods, as told by a veteran of the troll wars (and a character for GURPS 3rd edition).

What makes a monster so monstrous? Whutaguy explores the question by talking to the monsters themselves. That's right, it's time for MackTalk. Today's topic: Monsters and the Adventurers Who Fear Them. With special appearances by the Alien, Freddy Krueger and He That Shall Not Be Named.

Gamegrene readers, this is a portion and a shortened/condensed version of Pandora�s Journal. The journey starts at the second entry of Stone Tooth and for those who have gone through the Forge of Fury by Richard Baker, may recognize some of the story line. The reason it starts at the second entry is because this is when I decided to create the journal, and events of the first time we entered Khundrukar had long since escaped my memory. Now, even if you have not gone through this adventure, don�t worry. The journal is merely a prop for the article below and a perspective of an adventure from start to finish for your reading pleasure.

Kerek drained his mug and stood. As much as he liked the food, atmosphere, and company in The Frothing Otter, he could not laze about the tavern all day. His slender fingers reached into his belt pouch to fetch a silver crown for the tab, and maybe another for buxom Lucinda behind the bar. But all his hand encountered was hard leather. He scrabbled in the pouch, not believing his senses. Where were his fat gold crowns? Where had all his silver gone? Had he not even a filthy copper penny to his name, for all love?

Theophenes sat on the stool and ordered a keg of wine."A whole keg?" the barkeep said, raising his eye at the large figure.

Armor clanked as the four paladins strode into the cell where the Orcish prisoner was chained. The first of them, a grizzled man with long gray hair and a beard, raised his torch.

The breweries and alehouses of the Older Empire produce some of the finest ales and lager in Firmel. From the robust ales of the Stone Horse in Cessnock to the smooth lager of Fife Lake, these excellent brews are sent far abroad and are in high demand in the markets of Anchor Head and Leirfjall. But to declare the malts and pilsners brewed in these quality establishments are the finest the Empire has to offer, would be a shameful falsehood.

It was during the empire of the First Reign, It covering the known world at the time. That the 23rd of Delanmer, the winter solstice of the Oldernel calendar was declared the official rebirth of the year and the day of Mortnel et Blancer, the Darkest Night.

In the year 1018, S.E at the age of sixteen, Her Imperial Majesty, princess Delanna Cemarlin, ascended to the Coral Throne. Greentips had struck the city of Oldern without warning, swiftly entering the palace killing the imperial family and servants. The princess was the youngest child of the Imperial House to survive. Her only hindrance to the throne came from Houses Eldgrimur and Telwren; they tried unsuccessfully to persuade her illegitimate half brother, Rheath Aevar to declare himself Emperor.

The fantasy world of Firmel is a free-style campaign in progress. This column will be used to create an updating campaign world, usable for most D&D style RPGs. In this, the first column, a detailed description of a ravaging disease known as "greentips": It is believed that the first instance of greentips occurred 1009, S E. (Second Era) in the city of Dryander. Trappers and hunters of the exotic animals and elves in the Resemar Forest noticed loss of sensitivity and blood circulation in their extremities.

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